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Welfare of the Laying Hen

  • Welfare of the Laying Hen

Welfare of the Laying Hen

Edited by G Perry

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Author(s): Edited by G Perry

About The Book

The welfare of egg-producing poultry is a topic of great concern to the poultry industry and to researchers in applied animal behaviour. It is also subject to increased legislation. Issues such as battery cages, space requirements, access to daylight and free-range eggs have attracted public interest.

This book brings together edited papers from the 27th Poultry Science Symposium of the World?s Poultry Science Association (UK Branch), held in Bristol in July 2003. Topics covered include: welfare issues, perception and cognition, behaviour, health and diseases, stockmanship and the environment, handling, slaughter and transport, and perspectives of consumers and producers.

Additional Information

Author Edited by G Perry
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 448 pp
ISBN 9780851998138
Publication date 2004
Book Type Hardcover


  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • The importance of welfare, J K Kirkwood, Universities Federation for Animal Welfare and Human Slaughter Association, UK


  • Hen welfare: consumer perspective, P A W Parrott, Harper Adams University College, UK
  • Government views on the welfare of laying hens, D G Pritchard, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK
  • Politics of hen welfare, D Wilkins, Eurogroup for Animal Welfare, Belgium
  • Implications of the World Trade Organization on hen welfare, D Bowles, RSPCA, UK
  • The retailer-consumer relationship with particular reference to animal welfare, R Layton, rlconsulting, UK
  • Quality assurance, J Gittins, ADAS, UK
  • The producer and hen welfare, A Jorˆt, Deans Foods Ltd, UK


  • The laying hen: systems of production, A Elson, ADAS Gleadthorpe, UK
  • Stress and the welfare of laying hens, J P Thaxton, Mississippi State University, USA


  • Genetic influences on resource use, fear and sociality, J-M Faure, Station de Reserches Avicoles, France, and R B Jones, Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), UK
  • The genetics of feather pecking and cannibalism, J Kjaer, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark, and P M Hocking, Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), UK
  • Breeding for productivity and welfare, W M Muir, Pardue University, USA, and H-W Cheng, USDA-ARS, USA
  • Sensory perception : chemoreception, D E F McKeegan, Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), UK
  • Vision in the laying hen, N B Prescott, J R Jarvis, and C M Wathes, Silcoe Research Institute, UK
  • Pain and the laying hen, M Gentle and S Wilson, Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), UK
  • Chicken cognition, C J Nicol, University of Bristol, UK
  • Social space for laying hens, J J Cooper and M J Albentosa, University of Lincoln, UK
  • Nesting, perching and dust-bathing, L Keeling, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Sweden
  • Environmental enrichment: the need for practical strategies to improve poultry welfare, R B Jones, Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), UK
  • Feather pecking and feather loss, B Rodenburg and P Koene, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Cannibalism, R Newberry, Washington State University, USA
  • Skeletal disorders in laying hens: the problem of osteoporosis and bone fractures, C C Whitehead, Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), UK Disease control, D Shingleton, Waterman Farm, UK
  • Environmental management for laying hens, J-M Aerts, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, C M Wathes and D Berckmans, Silsoe Research Institute, UK
  • Lighting, G C Perry, University of Bristol, UK
  • Nutrition, feedstuffs and feeding, M G MacLeod, Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), UK
  • Human ? animal interactions, P H Hemsworth, Victorian Institute of Animal Science, Australia
  • Handling and catching of hens during depopulation, D Tinker and P S Berry, Silsoe Research Institute, UK, J A Rycroft, Unilever, UK, and N H Sparks, Avian Science Research Centre, UK
  • Transport of chicks, pullets and spent hens, M A Mitchell, Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), UK, and PJ Kettlewell, Silsoe Research Institute, UK
  • Stunning and slaughter, M Raj, University of Bristol,


  • Overview, M C Appleby, The Humane Society of the United States, USA

PART V: Posters

  • Index

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