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Udder Health - Large Herd edition

Jan Hulsen, Theo Lam and Ynte H. Schukken

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Author(s): Jan Hulsen, Theo Lam and Ynte H. Schukken

Relatively larger herds require a more standardised approach for udder health management. This book digs deeper into the subject than the basic edition. More attention is paid to standard operating procedures, since the farmer often works with personnel. And extra pages about immunology of the udder are added.

With a structured approach, a dairy farm can achieve and maintain first-rate udder health. Udder Health contains the building blocks for optimal organization of housing, care, and management. It follows you, the farmer, through your daily/weekly/monthly and annual routines, since udder health should not be regarded as separate from other activities on the farm. This edition pays extra attention to large dairy farms. After all, a systematic approach to udder health on those farms is even more Important. Putting into practice set goals and signaling/monitoring problems arc described extensively. This way they can be tackled systematically.

Do you know how to organize milking so that it takes the minimum time and runs smoothly and consistent with each cowl Do you know how to treat a cow with udder problems? Or how to overcome a cell count problem? In the end it's up to you, but this book Is an invaluable starting point.

Its practical text. problem solving flowcharts and clear photos and illustrations make Udder Health an accessible and interesting guide for every dairy farmer. You'll find yourself turning to Udder Health time and again. The practical advice it offers will help you improve the understanding of udder health on your farm and achieve higher standards.

Udder Health will help you control the number one health problem on your dairy farm!


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Additional Information

Author Jan Hulsen, Theo Lam and Ynte H. Schukken
Availability In Print
Dimensions 20.5 x 26.5 cm
Extent 68 Pages
ISBN 978-90-8740-033-0
Publication date 2014
Book Type Softcover



  1. Mastitis or udder inflammation
  2. Mastitis
  3. Structure and function of the udder

1: Milking

  1. Routines and consistency
  2. Parlour throughput
  3. Equipment check
  4. Smart standard procedures
  5. Identifying infected cows
  6. Abnormalities
  7. Milking procedure
  8. Points to check
  9. Teat score
  10. The milking robot
  11. The tie stall barn

2: Dally chores

  1. In the barn
  2. Gentle handling
  3. Ventilaled, dry and cool
  4. Hygiene score
  5. Hygiene of cows and environment
  6. Cows at rest
  7. Attentive persons
  8. Administering veterinary medicines
  9. Administering medicine
  10. The CMT
  11. Taking milk samples

3:Weekly/monthly chores

  1. Working methodically
  2. Consulting advisors
  3. How well are you milking?
  4. Self-criticism and improvements
  5. The dry period
  6. Rearing young stock
  7. Introducing heifers
  8. Storage of drugs and applications
  9. Culturing milk samples

4: Annual/semi-annual routines

  1. The Double Five Program
  2. Improving, economics and genetics
  3. Putting goals into practice
  4. Developing SOPs
  5. Putting SOPs into practice
  6. Treatment prolocols
  7. Presenting protocols
  8. Sick cow area

5: Problem solving

  1. Detecting problems
  2. Bacteria: a reference guide
  3. High cell count: analysis scheme
  4. High bulk milk SCC; case study
  5. High incidence of mastitis: analysis seherne
  6. High incidence of mastitis: Case study
  7. Cow Signals in milking parlor
  8. People Signals
  9. Monitoring tools
  10. Resource page


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