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Udder Health: A Practical Guide to First-Rate Udder Health

  • Udder Health: A Practical Guide to First-Rate Udder Health

Udder Health: A Practical Guide to First-Rate Udder Health

Jan Hulsen & Theo Lam

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Author(s): Jan Hulsen & Theo Lam

About The Book

Udder Health contains the building blocks for ideal organisation of housing, care and management. It follows the farmer through his daily/weekly/monthly routines, since udder health should not be regarded as separate from other activities on the farm. Do you know how to organise milking so that it takes the minimum of time and runs smoothly with each cow? Do you know how to treat a cow with udder problems? Or how to overcome a cell count problem? In the end it's down to you, but this book is an invaluable starting-point.

Udder Health (English)
Uiergezondheid (Nederlands)
Eutergesundheit (Deutsch)
Signes de mamelles (Francais)
Salud de la ubre (Espanol)

Additional Information

Author Jan Hulsen & Theo Lam
Availability In Print
Dimensions 23.7 x 19cm
Extent 52pp
ISBN 978-90-8740-014-9
Publication date 2007
Book Type Softcover


With a structured approach, a dairy farm can achieve and maintain first-rate udder health. Udder Health is a useful aid to dairy farmers and farm workers in that respect.

Its practical text, challenging puzzles and clear photos and illustrations make Udder Health an accessible and interesting guide for every dairy farmer. You'll find yourself turning to Udder Health time and again. The practical advice it offers will help you improve the understanding of udder health on your farm and achieve higher standards. Collaboration with the Netherlands Udder Health Centre (UGCN) allows this practical guide to incorporate the latest findings of the Dutch Long-Term Plan for Udder Health. Introduction

  • Mastitis or udder inflammation
  • Structure and function of the udder

Chapter 1: Daily routines

  • In the cowshed
  • Peaceful handling
  • Fresh, dry and cool
  • Hygiene score
  • Hygiene of cows and surroundings
  • Cows at rest
  • Attentive farmer
  • Administering veterinary medicines

Chapter 2: Milking

  • The milking parlour
  • Milking machine in good order
  • Clever standard procedures
  • Identifying infected cows
  • Abnormalities
  • Milking procedure
  • Points to check
  • Teat score
  • The milking robot
  • The group pen

Chapter 3: Weekly/monthly routines

  • Working methodically
  • Consulting advisors
  • How well are you milking?
  • Self-criticism and improvements
  • The dry period
  • Rearing young stock
  • Introducing heifers
  • California mastitis test (CMT)
  • Taking milk samples

Chapter 4: Monthly/yearly routines

  • Our five-point plan
  • Can you do it better?
  • Treating methodically
  • Bacteria: a reference guide
  • Problems and how to tackle them
  • Unclassified notable observations (UNOs)

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