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The Pigman's Handbook of Problem Solving

  • The Pigman's Handbook of Problem Solving

The Pigman's Handbook of Problem Solving

Gerry Brent

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Author(s): Gerry Brent

About The Book

This comprehensive book is essential reading for all those responsible for the achievement of high levels of output from pig units. Focusing on the complexity of accurately identifying the real causes of performance problems, the book emphasizes the importance of realistically appraising all the available evidence, including pig unit data and observation, before reaching firm conclusions.

The author discusses all the main performance issues that commonly affect pig enterprises: for example, low litter sizes, high levels of stillborn pigs, high post-weaning mortality rates, slow growth rates, low feed intakes, and high feed conversion ratios. He analyses each problem in detail at every stage and examines a range of possibilities before guiding the reader towards the most likely cause, and the most appropriate course of action. In the context of general animal health and nutrition, he identifies related issues and recommends when it is appropriate to consult specialists in these fields.

Additional Information

Author Gerry Brent
Availability In Print
Dimensions 235 x 165mm (W x H)
Extent 192pp
ISBN 9781847971951
Publication date November 2010
Book Type Hardcover




1. Identifying the Causes of Performance Problems

2. Finding Solutions to Problems

3. Why Do my Glits not Come 'on Heat'?

4. Why Do my Boars not Work?

5. Why Do my Sows not Hold?

6. Why Do my Sows not Farrow?

7. Why Is my Litter Size too Low?

8.Why Are so many of my Pigs Stillborn?

9. Why Is my Pre-Weaning Mortality too High?

10. Why Do my Lactating Sows not eat Enough?

11. Why Are so Many of my Sows Lame?

12. Why Are my Weaners so Variable?

13.Why Do my Weaners Scour?

14. Why Is my Post-Weaning Mortality so High?

15. Why Are my Growth Rates so Slow?

16. Why Are my Feed Intakes so Low?

17. Why Is my Feed Conversion so High?

18. Why Do so Many of my Pigs Suffer Tail Biting?

19. Why Are my Grading so Poor?

20. Why Are my Slaughter Returns so Poor?



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