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The Growing Horse: Nutrition and Prevention of Growth Disorders

  • The Growing Horse: Nutrition and Prevention of Growth Disorders

The Growing Horse: Nutrition and Prevention of Growth Disorders

V. Juliand and W. Martin-Rosset

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Author(s): V. Juliand and W. Martin-Rosset

About The Book

This book provides an outstanding synthesis of the biology and the physiopathology of growth and of the nutritional requirements necessary for feeding the healthy growing horse. The basic knowledge is presented in main reports dealing with experimental and field studies on the following categories: growth and development; energy and protein requirements; minerals and vitamins requirements and the role of nutrition on developmental diseases. Sections end with applications for end users.

These materials are the first step of further discussion on the evaluation and prediction of the requirements of the different types of horses covered in the scope of the working group of the Horse commission of the European Association for Animal Production.

This book is of interest to all those working with horses including trainers, breeders veterinarians and horse owners.

Additional Information

Author V. Juliand and W. Martin-Rosset
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 320 pp
ISBN 9789076998626
Publication date 2005
Book Type Hardcover



Part A - Growth and development

  • The fundamentals
  • Growth and development in the equine
  • Physiology of growth and development
  • Growth curves and effects of some factors
  • Thoroughbred growth characterized by a baseline and systematic deviation
  • The effect of age of dam on birth weight and growth rate of Thoroughbred foals
  • Growth patterns in Thoroughbred horses during the second year of life
  • Percentiles: a simple tool to monitor the growth of Thoroughbreds
  • Predicting growth rates and mature sizes in Morgan horses
  • First results from a morphological approach to draught foal and filly growth in the Ardennes: 1. Evolution as a function of age
  • First results from a morphological approach to draught foal and filly growth in the Ardennes: 2. Calculating growth curbs
  • Effect of nutrition on the growth curve of weanling foals
  • The influence of mineral supplementation on the growth of Lusitano foals
  • Growth rates in Hanoverian Warmblood foals and the development of osteochondrosis

Part B - Energy and protein requirements

  • The fundamentals
  • Energy and protein metabolism of normal growth
  • Evaluation of energy and protein requirements and recommended allowances in growing horses
  • The applications
  • Rations for intensive growth in young horses
  • Feeding the young horse managed with moderate growth
  • Synthesis and prospects
  • Energy and protein requirements for growth: A european perspective

Part C - Minerals and vitamins requirements

  • The fundamentals
  • The physiological role of minerals and vitamins in the growing horse
  • Evaluation of mineral and vitamin requirements for growing horses
  • The applications
  • Common feeding practices and supply of minerals and vitamins
  • Influence of management and nutrition on growth in the young horse
  • Experimental and field studies
  • Studies on the metabolic situation of mares and their foals during an early period after birth
  • Feeding practice in Hanoverian Warmblood mares and foals with regard to the incidence of osteochondrose

Part D - Role of nutrition on developmental diseases

  • The fundamentals
  • Developmental diseases affecting growing horses
  • The potential impact of nutrition on bone growth in horses
  • Effect of exercise and diet on the incidence of DOD
  • The applications
  • Feeding practices and prevention of developmental diseases
  • Experimental and field studies
  • Body composition in transition mares and suckling foals
  • Developmental diseases of 230 foals in Basse-Normandie
  • Changes in bone markers and intact parathyroid hormone with regard to the incidence of osteochondrosis in growing Hanoverian Warmblood foals
  • Comparing bone metabolic parameters for Ardennes foals and draught horses
  • The influence of mineral supplementation on skeleton formation in Lusitano foals
  • Clinical use of naloxone/calcium association in the meconium impaction and prevention of stress-related disorders of weaning in foals

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