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The Acute Poorly Performing Sport Horse

  • The Acute Poorly Performing Sport Horse

The Acute Poorly Performing Sport Horse

Edited By: Arno Lindner

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Author: Edited By: Arno Lindner

About The Book

The determination and management of performance-limitation in sport horses is very challenging, especially within a short time period before an important competition.

In this book experts disclose their experience on:

  • What do we know about the poor performance horse?
  • The gastrointestinal tract: medical, nutritional and surgical considerations.
  • Could it be the heart?
  • Could it be the muscles?
  • Monitoring orthopaedic health in competition horses.
  • Could it be the foot?
  • Could it be neurological?
  • Cases where physiotherapy helped to make a difference.
  • Could it be respiratory?

Additional Information

Author Edited By: Arno Lindner
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 192 Pages
ISBN 9789086860722
Publication date 2008
Book Type Softcover


    • Foreword 
    • What do we know about the poor performance horse? - Tatiana Art and Emmanuelle van Erck
    • The gastrointestinal tract of performance horses: medical, nutritional and surgical considerations - Andy E. Durham and Nathaniel A. White
    • Sudden poor performance in the equine athlete: could it be the heart? - Lesley Young and Gunther van Loon
    • Prevalence and clinical management of equine exertional rhabdomyolysis syndrome in different types of sport horses - José Luis L. Rivero and Richard J. Piercy
    • Monitoring orthopaedic health in competition horses - Sue Dyson and Philippe Benoit
    • The horse’s foot as a source of poor performance - Tracy A. Turner
    • Could it be the foot? If yes, what can be done? - Andrew P. Bathe
    • Acquired neurological conditions of performance horses in the ‘perievent period’ - Lutz Goehring and Barrie Grant
    • Specific cases where physiotherapy made an improvement in equine sport - Christel Auer
    • Poor performance: could it be caused by respiratory malfunction? - Marianne M. Sloet van Oldruitenborgh-Oosterbaan and J.Geoffrey Lane
    • Effect of forage: concentrate ratio on acid-base balance and racing performance - D.E. Allen, J.M. Ellis, R.G. Wilkinson, T. Carey and T. Hollands
    • Training and competition follow-up in the field in young horses trained for three-day-eventing - Anne Couroucé-Malblanc, Elsa Authié, Benjamin Morillon and Sophie Biau
    • Cortisol response of therapeutic riding horses to hippotherapy and horse riding sessions - C. Cravana, F. Di Giovanni, P. Medica, E. Fazio and A. Ferlazzo
    • The influences of overtraining on the hypothalamo-pituitaryadrenocortical axis in Standardbred horses - E. de Graaf-Roelfsema, H.A. Keizer, E. van Breda, I.D. Wijnberg and J.H. van der Kolk
    • The effect of overtraining and subsequent detraining on glucose metabolism and peripheral insulin sensitivity in Standardbred horses - E. de Graaf-Roelfsema, H.A. Keizer, E. van Breda, I.D. Wijnberg and J.H. van der Kolk
    • Circulating cortisol levels of Arab sport horses before and after gymkana riding events: effects of training state, gender and age - E. Fazio, P. Molinari, P. Medica, C. Messineo and A. Ferlazzo
    • Quantification of negative mental status of a horse during physical activity - F. Jansen, J. Van der Krogt, K. Van Loon, S. Quanten, D. Berckmans, M. Guarino and V. Avezzù
    • Serum cardiac troponin I and echocardiographic behavior of endurance horses in response to prolonged physical exercise - L.E.S. Michima, C.C.M. Bonomo, P. Miyashiro and W.R. Fernandes
    • Oxidative stress and exercise induced rhabdomyolysis in standardbred horses - E. van Erck, C. Loigerot, P. Lekeux and N. Kirschvink
    • Treating the elite sports horse; can we determine withdrawal times from data available in the literature? - A.V. van Weezel Errens, A.H. Werners and J. Fink-Gremmels
    • The influence of exercise and training on plasma acylcarnitine profile of Standardbred horses - Cornélie M. Westermann, Bert Dorland, Monique G.M. de Sain-van der Velden, Inge D. Wijnberg, Eric van Breda, Ellen de Graaf-Roelfsema, Hans A. Keizer and Johannes H. van der Kolk

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