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Temperature Adaptation in a Changing Climate

Temperature Adaptation in a Changing Climate

Edited by K Storey, K Tanino

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Temperature Adaptation in a Changing Climate

Temperature adaptation is a much neglected field in the minds of climate change researchers and policy makers. However, increasing fluctuations in temperature mean that the risk of cold and heat stress will pose an increasing threat to both wild and cultivated plants and animals, with frost injury expected to cause devastating damage to crops on an increasingly large scale. Thus, improving shared knowledge of the biological mechanisms of temperature adaptation in plants and animals will help prevent major losses of crops and genetic resources in the future. This book is the first to focus on the mechanistic similarities between species in their responses to temperature in a multi-organism approach that addresses the challenges and impacts of climate change on temperature adaptation in micro-organisms (including pathogens), invertebrates, economically and scientifically important plants and vertebrates in both terrestrial and marine environments. The book concludes with a focus on the interactions between organisms, exploring common mechanisms in temperature adaptation.


This book is useful for researchers and students of ecology.

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Author Edited by K Storey, K Tanino
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 248 Pages
ISBN 9781845938222
Publication date Nov-11
Book Type Hardcover


1. Introduction: Nature at Risk

2. Temperature Perception and Signal Transduction - Mechanisms across Multiple Organisms

3. Microorganisms and Plants: a Photosynthetic Perspective

4. Insects

5. Temperature Adaptation in Changing Climate: Marine Fish and Invertebrates

6. Fish: Fresh Water Ecosystems

7. Strategies of Molecular Adaptation to Climate Change: the Challenges for Amphibians and Reptiles

8. The Relationship between Climate Warming and Hibernation in Mammals

9. On Thin Ice: Marine Mammals and Climate Change

10. Climate Change and Plant Diseases

11. Trees and Boreal Forests

12. The Paradoxical Increase in Freezing Injury in a Warming Climate: Frost as a Driver of Change in Cold Climate Vegetation

13. Annual Field Crops

14. Perennial Field Crops

15. The Potential Impact of Climate Change on Temperate Zone Woody Perennial Crops

16. Temperature Adaptation Across Organisms

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