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Sows A Practical Guide to Lactation and Fertility Management

  • Sows A Practical Guide to Lactation and Fertility Management

Sows A Practical Guide to Lactation and Fertility Management

Kees Scheepens & Marrit van Engen

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Sows is full of practical tips and information to achieve optimal production results, with clearly written text and informative photographs and illustrations. After reading this book you will coach your sows to a series of world class performances!

About The Book

As a pig farmer your goal is to get the maximum number of healthy piglets, while balancing your own wishes with animal welfare and developments in society. But how? First of all by observing your sows well, and by acting before any problems arise. This will increase the size of your litters and reduce the number of piglets you lose.

Sows starts with you, the breeder. Organise your farm so that it suits both your needs and those of the animals: efficient for you and comfortable for your sows. Sows next discusses the entire trajectory from farrowing to gestation, paying special attention to the culling of older sows and the selection of gilts. The aim is to have sows in peak condition for easy farrowing and maximum milk production. And to quickly get them back into heat, inseminate them successfully and have another easy gestation. Become aware of 'pig signals'. A refusal to eat, for example, should be noticed immediately. What has caused it? Is the sow too warm, not drinking enough or being overfed? And do you see the difference between stillborn piglets and those that have been crushed after farrowing? Understanding the cause is half the solution.

Additional Information

Author Kees Scheepens & Marrit van Engen
Availability In Print
Dimensions 20.4 x 26.5cm
Extent 48pp
ISBN 978-90-8740-012-5
Publication date 2007
Book Type Softcover



1. The sow in action

  • Looking back and looking forward
  • The pig farmer
  • Using indicators for better breeding
  • Keeping the farm healthy
  • Multiple week systems
  • Group housing is the future
  • Which type of group housing?

2. Farrowing, sucking and suckling

  • A clean, dry pen
  • Monitoring during farrowing
  • Intervening during birth
  • Stillborn or died after birth?
  • Condition
  • Water and feed
  • Selection and culling
  • Euthanasia
  • Weaning

3. On to the next litter

  • The heat cycle
  • Into full heat quickly
  • Heat in the farrowing unit
  • Ten ingredients for an ideal service unit
  • Signals from the sow
  • Signals from the boar
  • You really can't imitate a boar!
  • When to inseminate?
  • How to inseminate?

4. The gestating sow?

  • Gestating or not?
  • Return to service or small litter
  • Embryo survival
  • Analysis of repeat inseminations
  • Fertility and infections
  • Heat stress
  • Autumn dip
  • Sow mortality
  • The best breeders are the best feeders
  • Satiety after feeding

5. Gilts, your farm's future

  • Buy in or breed yourself?
  • Selection to perfection
  • Selection chart
  • Arrivals
  • Feed your gilts well
  • Inducing oestrus and inseminating
  • From 25 to 30 piglets
  • Checklist to prevent introduction and transmission of diseases


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