Honeybee Veterinary Medicine: Apis Mellifera L.

Honeybee Veterinary Medicine: Apis Mellifera L. (Hardback)

Nicolas Vidal-Naquet
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Bulletin of the OIE Review Review by Bulletin of the OIE Review
'While aimed at veterinary practitioners, students and veterinarians involved in apiculture and bee health (officials, researchers, laboratory veterinarians, biologists...), the book can also be beneficial to beekeepers, beekeeping stakeholders, animal health and environmental organisations.' - Bulletin of the OIE (Posted on 05/10/2017)
JAVMA Review Review by JAVMA Review
'From its opening chapters on the biology of Apis mellifera L, to comprehensive coverage of environmental intoxication; viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases; pests and enemies of honeybee colonies; and colony collapse disorder, this book provides a 1-stop reference for veterinarians who may want to delve into a new practice area. It is exhaustively referenced and packed with numerous detailed photographs (many taken by the author) and clear diagrams, charts, and tables. The appendices are especially valuable and cover topics such as reference values for and typical features of honeybee colonies, diseases notifiable to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and European animal health regulatory authorities, and sampling values for chemicals and diagnosis of pathogenic agents as well as a veterinary beekeeping sanitary audit guide... In short, this book is an outstanding resource for veterinarians with and without previous exposure to honeybee medicine.' - Reviewed by Donald E. Hoenig, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
(Posted on 04/10/2017)
An up-to-date, concise yet comprehensive reference Review by Alex Ellis (Bee Farmer)
This book is an up-to-date, concise yet comprehensive reference...one of the best I have come across on this subject.

While aimed at those in the veterinary sector, it is also of interest to all those who manage bees. The book covers the biology of the honey bee from the individual to the super-organism, environmental problems and intoxication, viruses and viral diseases, bacterial diseases, parasitic diseases, fungal and protozoan diseases, pests, principles of hygienic beekeeping practice, and veterinary medicine practice.
(Posted on 25/01/2016)
A book that will stand the test of time Review by Norman Carreck, NDB - British Beekeepers Associati
This book intended for vets is therefore timely. The two ‘bibles’ of the bee pathologist ‘Honey bee pathology’ by Bailey and Ball (1991) and ‘Honey bee pests, predators and diseases’ by ‘Morse and Flottum (1997), excellent though they are, are now both very out of date. Neither book, for example, has a single word to say about the small hive beetle. Nicolas Vidal-Naquet is a French vet who has produced a worthy successor.
It is very difficult to criticise this book. It is well written in clear English, with excellent photographs and diagrams. All chapters have a comprehensive and useful list of references for those seeking further information. Perhaps not the kind of book to read from cover to cover, but one to frequently refer to. The price may seem steep, but is actually excellent value for a book that will stand the test of time.” (Posted on 26/11/2015)

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