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Recent Developments in Ruminant Nutrition - 4

  • Recent Developments in Ruminant Nutrition - 4

Recent Developments in Ruminant Nutrition - 4

P.C. Garnsworthy (Ed) & J Wiseman (Ed)

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Author(s): P.C. Garnsworthy (Ed) & J Wiseman (Ed)

About The Book

There have been some major changes in ruminant production systems in recent years, following increased globalisation of markets for animals and their products. Particularly noticeable, have been the increased genetic merit of dairy cows in many countries and the demand for closer control of quality. These changes have necessitated major reconsideration of nutrient supply and responses to nutrients in terms of milk composition, health and fertility, all of which are addressed in this book. The chapters of this book have all been previously published in Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition, which is the annual proceedings of the University of Nottingham Feed Manufacturers Conference. This book provides a convenient reference source on ruminant nutrition that will be valuable to students, teachers, research workers, advisory staff, farmers and many others.

Additional Information

Author P.C. Garnsworthy (Ed) & J Wiseman (Ed)
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 608pp
ISBN 9781897676455
Publication date August 2002
Book Type Softcover


  • Feeding dairy cows of high genetic merit
  • The importance of grass availability for the high genetic merit dairy cow
  • Evaluation of physical structure in dairy cattle nutrition
  • Particle size in dairy rations
  • Prediction of the intake of grass silage by cattle
  • Complementary forages for milk production
  • Supplementation of maize silage and wholecrop cereals
  • Effects of feeding starch to dairy cattle on nutrient availability and production
  • Problems associated with feeding rapeseed meal to dairy cows
  • Meeting the copper requirements of ruminants
  • A new look at the requirements of high-producing dairy cows for B-complex vitamins
  • Nutrition of the high genetic merit dairy cow - energy metabolism studies
  • Practical application of the metabolisable protein system
  • Developments in the INRA feeding systems for dairy cows
  • The importance of rate of ruminal fermentation of energy sources in diets for dairy cows
  • Carbohydrate, protein and amino acid nutrition of lactating dairy cattle
  • Developments in amino acid nutrition of dairy cows
  • Fats in dairy cow diets
  • Manipulation of milk fat in dairy cows
  • Utilisation of rumen protected N-3 fatty acids by ruminants
  • Milk analysis as an indicator of the nutritional and disease status of dairy cows
  • The use of blood biochemistry for determining the nutritional status of dairy cows
  • The influence of nutrition on fertility in dairy cows
  • The influence of nutrition on lameness in dairy cows
  • Feeding and managing high-yielding dairy cows - the American experience
  • Nutrition of the high genetic merit dairy cow - practical considerations
  • Heifer rearing for optimum lifetime production
  • Index

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