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Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition - 2006

  • Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition - 2006

Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition - 2006

Edited by P C Garnsworthy & J Wiseman

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Author(s): Edited by P C Garnsworthy & J Wiseman

About The Book

This book contains the proceedings of the 40th University of Nottingham Feed Conference. Authors of all chapters are international experts in their fields and have provided comprehensive analyses of the issues together with practical applications. This book is essential reading for all involved in animal production science/practice, including researchers, consultants, animal science students, legislators and practitioners.

The ruminant nutrition section contains chapters relating to high-yielding dairy cows, including milk fatty acids with respect to human health, efficiency of milk protein synthesis, nutritional effects on fertility, body condition score targets and extended lactations.

A general section covers anti-oxidants in food, health benefits of meat consumption, interpretation and application of recent EU rulings, and the implications for animal agriculture of enlarged EU membership.

Co-products as feed raw materials are of increasing importance, particularly in the context of the biofuels industry. The implications of co- products for the animal feed industry, and the importance of processing control in optimizing their nutritional value are discussed.

Meat quality is considered in two chapters; the first reviews the impact of muscle glycogen content on pig meat quality and the second considers the role of L-carnitine on muscle development in pigs. In view of concerns over H5N1 avian influenza, a general consideration of poultry zoonoses (mainly from meat) is presented.

The non-ruminant section covers nutrition x genetic interactions from the perspective of introducing different selection criteria into breeding programmes, nutrition of sows and boars, physico-chemical changes to starch during processing with subsequent implications for piglet nutrition and, ‘home-grown’ legumes in non-ruminant diets

Additional Information

Author Edited by P C Garnsworthy & J Wiseman
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 388 pp
ISBN 9781904761020
Publication date 2007
Book Type Softcover


  • Milk fatty acids: implications for human health
  • Milk protein: biology supports balancing rations for amino acids
  • Nutrient regulation of hormonal, humoral and cellular responses in postpartum lactating dairy Cows: building blocks for restoration of fertility?
  • Body condition score in dairy cows: targets for production and fertility
  • Extended lactations in intensive and pasture-based dairying
  • Antioxidants in animal products
  • Meat as a component of a healthy diet ? are there any risks or benefits if meat is avoided in the diet?
  • Interpretation and application of EC rulings
  • European union enlargement: effects on UK animal agriculture
  • By-products from non-food agriculture: implications for the feed supply industry
  • By-products from non-food agriculture: technicalities of nutrition and quality
  • Effects of manipulating muscle glycogen on meat quality in pigs
  • Effects of l-carnitine and other strategies to influence prenatal muscle development and subsequent offspring performance
  • Poultry zoonoses
  • Genetics and nutrition: what?s around the corner?
  • Sow and boar nutrition: modern nutrition for modern genotypes
  • Physicochemical changes to starch structure during processing of raw materials and their implications for starch digestibility in newly-weaned piglets
  • Nutritional value of legumes (pea and faba bean) and economics of their use
  • List of participants
  • Index

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