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Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies

  • Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies

Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies

Scott Royer, Nikki Royer

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Author(s): Scott Royer, Nikki Royer

About The Book

The tools you need to raise and care for beef cattle
Beef cattle farming is a business that continues to grow in the United States and around the world, and it will only grow larger as the demand for beef continues to increase. Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies provides you with an introduction to all aspects of raising beef cattle. Packed with expert tips from experienced farmers, it gives any level of cattle-raiser the tools needed to increase the quantity and quality of your farm's output and maintain a healthy herd.
Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies is the go-to resource for aspiring cattle farmers. With important information on health, handling, and breeding, and detailed coverage of equipment and supplies, it is teeming with useful information that anyone interested in raising cattle should have.

  • Advice on which beef cattle breeds to rear
  • The prevention and treatment of common diseases
  • Caring for pregnant heifers and calving procedures
  • Dietary specifications dependent on breed
  • Guidance on humane management
  • Creating an open and safe pasture habitat

If you're an aspiring cattle farmer looking to begin raising cattle or an established raiser interested in expanding your herd, Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies has you covered.

Additional Information

Author Scott Royer, Nikki Royer
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 360 pages
ISBN 9780470930618
Publication date June 2012
Book Type Softcover


Introduction 1
Part I: Getting to Know Beef Cattle 7
Chapter 1: The Rewards and Responsibilities of Raising Beef Cattle 9
Chapter 2: Bovine Basics: Understanding Cattle Terminology and Anatomy 23
Chapter 3: From Angus to Zebu: Looking at Beef Cattle Breeds and Traits 35
Part II: Preparing to Bring Home the Beef 53
Chapter 4: Home on the Range: Preparing Your Facilities 55
Chapter 5: Chow Time: Planning Your Feeding Program 79
Chapter 6: Exploring Pasture, Manure, and Water Management 107
Chapter 7: Choosing and Buying Cattle 127
Part III: Cattle Handling, Health, and Breeding 145
Chapter 8: Understanding and Properly Handling Cattle 147
Chapter 9: Keeping Your Cattle Healthy 165
Chapter 10: Addressing Common Cattle Ailments 191
Chapter 11: Breeding Cows and Caring for Pregnant Females 213
Chapter 12: Looking After Calves Young and Old 241
Part IV: Realizing Your Cattle Business Potential 261
Chapter 13: Turning Your Extra Pastures into a Money-Making Business 263
Chapter 14: Showing and Selling Cattle 275
Chapter 15: Managing Your Beef Business 293
Part V: The Part of Tens 311
Chapter 16: Ten Common Mistakes to Avoid When Raising Cattle 313
Chapter 17: Ten (or so) Bizarre Bovine Behaviors . . . and What They Mean 321
Index 327

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