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Quality Management in Food Chains

  • Quality Management in Food Chains

Quality Management in Food Chains

Ludwig Theuvsen, Achim Spiller, Martina Peupert and Gabriele Jahn

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Author(s): Ludwig Theuvsen, Achim Spiller, Martina Peupert and Gabriele Jahn

About The Book

This publication comprises material on recent studies on quality management in agri-food chains. Due to several food crisis's (e.g. BSE, Foot-and-Mouth disease) and growing demands for food quality and safety, quality management systems and quality assurance schemes have been widely adopted in different countries in recent years. Scientific knowledge about the features, the acceptance and the effectiveness and efficiency of these newly introduced quality management initiatives, has remained scarce until now.

The material by experts in the field, focuses on the evaluation of quality management systems and quality assurance schemes. The main issues are the costs and benefits of quality management given the influence of the public sector and consumers' expectations about food quality and safety. Not only are benchmarking and harmonisation methods examined with regard to their impact on the effectiveness of quality assurance schemes, but, also the role of trust, cooperation and integration for efficient quality management is discussed.

Different economic theories such as microeconomics, organization and marketing theory as well as advanced statistical methods are applied. Concepts are discussed from the various points of view of industrialised, export-oriented and developing countries throughout the book. The information in this book give a comprehensive review of quality management concepts in food chains and highlight future research directions from a global perspective. This book is of interest to all those who concern themselves with the topic, be it in academia or in the professional sector.

Additional Information

Author Ludwig Theuvsen, Achim Spiller, Martina Peupert and Gabriele Jahn
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 512 Pages
ISBN 9789076998909
Publication date 2007
Book Type Hardcover


Perspectives of quality management in modern agribusiness

Invited speakers

  • Economics of standard owners: competition as barrier to global harmonisation of food assurance systems
  • Fa‡ade and means of control: the use of ISO 9000 standards

Firm?s costs and benefits of quality management and quality assurance systems

  • Firm?s costs of traceability confronted with consumer requirements
  • The effect of transaction costs associated with certification of exports on the profitability of farming systems for Chilean small farmers
  • Production costs of citrus growing in the Comunidad Valenciana (Spain): EurepGAP protocol versus standard production
  • The role of ISO standards in micro and small-scale food ingredient companies
  • Company costs and benefits of organic processed food
  • The effects of certification costs on the success of a PDO/PGI

Strategic, organisational and human resource management aspects of quality management

  • Improving quality-related communication in food chains with Quality Function Deployment: the dairy industry
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) as a decision support tool within a quality information system in pork production chains
  • Quality assurance in agribusiness: evaluating ?Qualit„t und Sicherheit? and ?QM Milch? from a Total Quality Management perspective
  • Regional quality programs: relevance, objectives and strategies
  • Development of a process oriented management system based on a data bank: an approach to successfully fulfil quality requirements in food industry
  • Network management for dairy productivity and quality in Ethiopia
  • Organisational process alternatives for process simulation in agri-food processing and trade: the case of the grain chain
  • Maintaining organic integrity: tackling fraud in organics

Consumers? expectations of quality assurance and management systems

  • Food Quality signals and customer confusion: is there a relevance for the marketing of food products?
  • Brands as quality signals in the meat market: lessons from the poultry sector
  • Food quality from a consumer?s perspective
  • Perceived safety of organic and regional food from a perspective of uncertain consumers
  • Consumers? view and awareness of genetically modified food
  • Information releases concerning food scares and their impact on the aggregate demand: using artificial consumer societies
  • The importance of emotional quality as a buying pattern argument: results of a consumer survey

Benchmarking and harmonisation methods and their effects on the effectiveness of quality assurance schemes

  • Conception of integrated models for quality management in production chains in the agri-food sector
  • The organisation of private auditing systems and their limitations: a comparative analysis of the Eurep systems
  • Analysis of the compatibility of selected quality systems in agriculture and food production

Farmers? perceptions and motivation on food safety and quality

  • Enhancing the acceptance of quality systems by German farmers: the case of quality management and quality assurance
  • Controversial positions about the QS System in agriculture: an empirical study
  • Growers? perceptions about EurepGAP in developing countries: results of a survey carried out in Peru
  • Dairy farmer?s acceptance of a processor driven quality management system: a structural equation model

Quality management: a supply chain perspective

  • Comparison among quality assurance and management schemes regarding the ability to enhance suppliers-retailers relationships in Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
  • Prevention of food scandals by means of contracts
  • Globalisation, quality management and vertical coordination in food chains of transition countries
  • The consequences of heterogeneous agents and moral hazard on food safety and trade
  • Supplier relationship management in the German dairy industry
  • Trust and e-commerce in the agrifood industry: configuration of a trust environment for e-commerce activities
  • Actor organisation for QAS along agro supply-chains: the case of mycotoxins reduction in Southern Cone grains
  • Does food quality management create a competitive advantage?

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