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Precision Livestock Farming '09

  • Precision Livestock Farming '09

Precision Livestock Farming '09

C. Lokhorst and P.W.G. Groot Koerkamp

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Author(s): C. Lokhorst and P.W.G. Groot Koerkamp

About The Book

Precision livestock farming is becoming ever more relevant as the agricultural industry struggles to come to terms with aspects such as animal welfare, animal disease, the environment, economics, traceability, robots and livestock management. Whilst some benefits have proved elusive, others contribute positively to today's agriculture. Research continues to be necessary and needs to be reported and disseminated to a wide audience.

These proceedings contain the reviewed papers from the 4th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming. The papers reflect the wide range of disciplines that impinge upon precision livestock farming including feeding dairy, data quality, poultry and pig applications, livestock environment, wireless sensing, dairy fertility and calving management, animal identification, mastitis detection and locomotion.

The broad range of research topics reported are a valuable resource for researchers, advisors, teachers and professionals in agriculture. Also note that the reviewed papers from the 7th European Conference on Precision Agriculture are presented in a companion publication.

Additional Information

Author C. Lokhorst and P.W.G. Groot Koerkamp
Availability In Print
Dimensions 204 x 265 x 13 mm (W x H x D)
Extent 368pp
ISBN 9789086861125
Publication date 2009
Book Type Hardcover



Section 1 - Feeding dairy

  • Precision concentrate rationing to the dairy cow using on-line daily milk composition sensor, milk yield and body weight
  • Evaluation of an application for dynamic feeding of dairy cows
  • Implementation of an application for daily individual concentrate feeding in commercial software for use on dairy farms
  • An approach to precisely calculate variable dosing of highly nutritious and energetic animal feed

Section 2 - Data quality and poultry applications

  • A Study on the cause and effect of lameness on broiler chickens
  • Potential of LCA for designing technological innovations: the case of organic eggs
  • Automated monitoring of milk meters

Section 3 - Livestock environment

  • Spraying rapeseed oil reduces dust in poultry houses
  • Simulating the effect of forced pit ventilation on ammonia emission from a naturally ventilated cow house with CFD
  • Development of new methods and strategies for monitoring operational performance of ammonia emission mitigation technology at livestock operations
  • Development and evaluation of two ISOagriNET compliant systems for measuring environment and consumption data in animal housing systems
  • Physical properties of dust particles in order to develop dispersion models for dust emission prognosis

Section 4 - Wireless sensing

  • A wireless network for measuring rumen pH in dairy cows
  • Measuring rumen pH and temperature by an indwelling and wireless data transmitting unit and application under different feeding conditions
  • Recording tracking behaviour of dairy cows with wireless technologies
  • Estimating impact on clover-grass yield caused by traffic intensities
  • Implementation of herd management system with wireless sensor networks

Section 5 - Fencing

  • Could virtual fences work without giving cows electric shocks?
  • Development of a method for managing cow traffic in a pastoral automatic milking system
  • Stakeless fencing for mountain pastures
  • Evaluating satellite-based pasture measurement for Australian dairy farmers

Section 6 - Dairy fertility and calving management

  • Thermally sensed, automatic cow body condition scoring
  • Identifying changes in dairy cow behaviour to predict calving
  • Combination of activity and lying/standing data for detection of oestrus in cows
  • Systems engineering to improve cows? artificial insemination services
  • A new generation of fertility monitoring in cattle herds

Section 7 - Animal identification

  • First results of a large field trial regarding electronic tagging of sheep in Germany
  • Using a wide electronic pop hole based on RFID-technology with high-frequency transponders to monitor the ranging behaviour of laying hens in alternative housing systems
  • Using injectable transponders for sheep identification
  • Application of RFID technology in herd management on dairy herds in Canada
  • Electronic ear tags for tracing fattening pigs according to housing and production system

Section 8 - Pigs

  • Real-time monitoring of pig activity and behaviour recognition
  • Active feeding control and environmental enrichment with call-feeding-stations
  • Automatic detection of pig vocalization as a management tool in precision livestock farming

Section 9 - Mastitis detection

  • Decision tree induction shows potential for the detection of clinical mastitis
  • Mastitis detection: visual observation compared to inline, quarter and milking somatic cell count
  • Inline SCC monitoring improves clinical mastitis detection in an automatic milking system
  • A cow-specific probability of having clinical mastitis for use in automatic milking systems

Section 10 - Locomotion

  • Recording and analysis of locomotion in dairy cows with 3D accelerometers
  • An intelligent wireless accelerometer system for measuring gait features and lying time in dairy cows
  • Recording of dairy cow behaviour with wireless accelerometers
  • Approach to model based motion scoring for lameness detection in dairy cattle.

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