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Precision Livestock Farming '07

  • Precision Livestock Farming '07

Precision Livestock Farming '07

S. Cox

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Author: S. Cox

About The Book

Precision livestock farming '07 contains the latest scientific results from worldwide research, field studies and practical applications. The peer-reviewed papers were presented at the 3rd European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming.

The major topics in this book are:

  • Feed quality management
  • Sensor technology in animal husbandry
  • Environmental effects of precision livestock farming
  • Automation in livestock farming
  • Implementation, education and training

The wide range of research topics reported will be a valuable resource for researchers, advisors, teachers and professionals in agriculture long after the conference has finished.

Additional Information

Author S. Cox
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 312 Pages
ISBN 9789086860234
Publication date 2007
Book Type Hardcover




  • Precision Livestock Farming: creating order beyond control

Section 1 - Feed quality management

  • Computer controlled delivery of liquid diets for growing and finishing pigs for precision phase-feeding
  • Front face fluorescence spectroscopy coupled with chemometric tools for monitoring the oxidation of semi-hard cheeses throughout ripening
  • Automatic individual feeding systems for dairy cows: observations of facility utilization
  • Design of quality control charts for monitoring the production process of consumption eggs in order to improve egg quality
  • The potential of near infrared and fluorescence spectroscopies combined with chemometrics for the authentication of food products: example of Emmental cheeses produced in Europe

Section 2 - Sensor technology in animal husbandry

  • Analysis of sensor data patterns from an automatic milking system for abnormal milk detection
  • The classification of herbivore jaw movements using acoustic analysis
  • Potentials of GPS-collar application in pasture farming
  • Monitoring cow behavior parameters based on received signal strength using wireless sensor networks
  • A system for contact-free measurement of respiration rate of dairy cows
  • Intelligent grazing management using wireless sensor networks
  • Characterisation of cough sounds to monitor Pasteurella infection in pigs
  • Frequency analysis for real-time recognition of sick pigs and disease monitoring in pig houses
  • Acquisition techniques for dairy cow gait analysis
  • A practical way to detect approaching calving of the dairy cow by a behaviour sensor
  • Real-time health monitor using cough localization
  • Wireless Access to Sensor Populations: potential applications for herd health control, elderly care and road transport
  • Using heart rate monitoring: 1. as an indicator of energy status and stress in ruminants; 2. to calculate the energy cost of activity from simultaneous records of heart rate, GPS and motion sensors

Section 3 - Environmental effects of precision livestock farming

  • Environment, health and welfare monitoring in precision livestock farming of dairy cattle
  • Increasing economic profit of dairy production utilizing individual real time process data
  • Spatial distribution of laying hens in different environmental conditions by image processing and correspondence analysis
  • Effect of different feeding strategies on the ammonia emission from a fattening pig house
  • Effects of the treatment of pig slurry with gypsum on emissions

Section 4 - Automation in livestock farming

  • Automated oestrus detection method for group housed sows using acceleration measurements
  • Development of precision livestock farming (PLF) technologies for the Australian pig industry
  • New opportunities for single tube guiding in conventional milking systems
  • Challenges on the use of Electronic Identification (EID) for tracking cattle in a segmented production system
  • Potentials in animal identification for animal monitoring as a basis for securing animal welfare in pig husbandry
  • Linking-up animal health related information to an integrated animal-health system
  • An internet application for oestrus and mastitis detection in dairy cows
  • Sensor based analysis and modelling of moving and resting behaviour in suckler cows before, during and after calving
  • Automatic detection of lameness in dairy cattle (1): Vision-based trackway analysis in cow?s locomotion
  • Portable image-based pig weight monitoring systems
  • Model-based calving monitor using real time image analysis
  • Real time monitoring of pig activity: practical difficulties in pigs? behaviour labelling

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