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Poultry Feedstuffs - Supply, Composition and Nutritive Value

  • Poultry Feedstuffs - Supply, Composition and Nutritive Value

Poultry Feedstuffs - Supply, Composition and Nutritive Value

J McNab And N Boorman

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Author(s): J McNab And N Boorman

About The Book

Presents the proceedings of the 26th Poultry Science Symposium, held in Peebles, Scotland. Papers have been edited, revised and updated since the Symposium.

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Author J McNab And N Boorman
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 448 pp
ISBN 9780851994642
Publication date 2002
Book Type Hardcover


Part I Present and Future Supply of Feedstuffs

  • Agronomic and Political Factors Influencing Feedstuff Use, R W Dean, Dean Agricultural Associates, UK
  • The Assessment of the Economic Value of Output Traits Genetically Engineered into Crops Used in Animal Feed, P E V Williams, Syngenta, Switzerland

Part II Nutritional Components of Feedstuffs: Qualitative Chemistry

  • Carbohydrate Chemistry of the Feedstuffs Used for Poultry, B Carr‚, INRA, France
  • Nutritional Components of Feedstuffs: A Qualitative Chemical Appraisal of Protein, R G Elkin, Pennsylvania State University, USA, Palmquist, OARDC, Wooster, USA
  • An Appraisal of Trace Elements: Inorganic and Organic, J D van der Klis, TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute, The Netherlands and P Kemme, Institute for Animal Science and Health, The Netherlands

Part III Feedstuff Quality: Quantitative Assessment

  • Digestive Processes in Poultry from a Physiological Viewpoint, G E Duke, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Digestibility and Bioavailability of Protein and Amino Acids, C M Parsons, University of Illinois, USA
  • The Quantitative Contribution of Fat to Metabolisable Energy, J Wiseman, University of Nottingham, UK
  • The Availability of Calcium and Phosphorus In Feedstuffs, C Coon, and K Leske, University of Arkansas, USA
  • Vitamins in Feedstuffs, C C Whitehead, Roslin Institute, UK
  • Energy Utilisation: Measurement and Prediction, M G MacLeod, Roslin Institute, UK

Part IV Factors Influencing Nutritive Value

  • Non-Starch Polysaccharides: Effect on Nutritive Value, M Choct, University of New England, Australia
  • Secondary Plant Metabolites in Poultry Nutrition, R Smithard, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  • Visual and Tactile Cues Perceived by Chickens, M Picard, J P Melcion, D Bertrand and J M Faure, INRA, France
  • Effects of Physical Processing on the Nutritive Value of Poultry Diets, K J McCracken, Queens University of Belfast, Ireland

Part V Dietary Enzymes

  • The Role of Carbohydrases in Feedstuff Digestion, M R Bedford, Zymetrics, UK
  • The Influence of Lipase, Alpha-galactosidase or Multi-component Pectinase, Enzymes on Energy and Amino acid Availability in Feedstuffs, W D Cowan, NOVOZYMES UK, D R Pettersson and P B Rasmussen, Novo Nordisk, Denmark
  • Recent Trends and Future Developments In the Use of Feed Enzymes in Poultry Nutrition, J Broz, Roche Vitamins Ltd, Switzerland and P Beardsworth, Roche Vitamins Ltd, UK
  • The Effects of Phytase In Poultry Nutrition, F-J Sch”ner, and P P Hoppe, Nutrition Research Station, Germany
  • The Scientific Challenges Ahead, J M McNab

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