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Popular Poultry Breeds

David Scrivener

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Author(s): David Scrivener

About The Book

Popular Poultry Breeds examines forty popular breeds of chickens and bantams divided into thirty-five chapters. Most breeds exist in several plumage colour varieties, and in large and bantam [miniature] size versions, all of which are also included in this comprehensive book.

Provides detailed histories of each breed, in many cases including the names of the breeders and where they lived. Examines the special management and selective breeding requirements needed for certain breeds, even if they are not going to be entered into shows. Includes helpful descriptions of the breeds. Beautifully illustrated in full colour with over 180 photographs of prize-winning birds and nearly ninety reproductions of exquisite old prints of artist's drawings.

Additional Information

Author David Scrivener
Availability In Print
Dimensions 246 x 189mm (W x H)
Extent 224pp
ISBN 9781847971036
Publication date June 2009
Book Type Hardcover



  1. Ancona
  2. Araucana, British, Rumpless and Ameraucana
  3. Asil (formerly Aseel)
  4. Australorp
  5. Barbu d'Anvers (Antwerpse Baardkriel or Antwerp Belgian)
  6. Barbu d'Uccles/Ukkelse Baardkriel/Belgian d'Uccle
  7. Barbu de Watermael/Watermaalse Baardkriel
  8. Barnevelder
  9. Brahma
  10. Cochin
  11. Dorking
  12. Dutch Bantam/Hollandse Kriel
  13. Faverolles
  14. Hamburgh (UK)/Hamburg (USA)/Hollandse Hoen (Netherlands)
  15. Indian Game (UK)/Cornish (USA)
  16. Japanese/Chabo Bantams
  17. Leghorn/Italiener
  18. Malay
  19. Marans
  20. Minorca
  21. Modern Game
  22. New Hampshire Red
  23. Old English Game, Carlisle and Oxford types
  24. Orpington
  25. Pekin and/or Cochin Bantam
  26. Plymouth Rock
  27. Poland or Polish
  28. Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White
  29. Rosecomb (UK, USA)/Bantam (Germany)/Java (Netherlands)
  30. Sebright Bantam
  31. Shamo, Ko-Shamo and Relations
  32. Silkie
  33. Sussex
  34. Welsummer/Welsumer
  35. Wyandotte


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