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Pet Detectives Series by Emma Milne

Emma MilneIn the Pet Detectives Series of books, Emma Milne takes a look of a range of common pets and encourages the reader to investigate whether these animal are suitable pets for them. Children and parents often don't think about the practical and financial aspects of pet owning, such as giving it sufficient housing and protection, paying for vets fees, pet insurance etc.

Each Pet Detectives book encourages responsible pet ownership from a young age, outlining the needs of a given animal and the responsibilities of owners, in a fun and authoritative way. The reader is the detective, assigned to investigate and work out whether the pet is right for them based on its needs and, if not, identify which pet is a more appropriate choice.The book includes a virtual pet research section where children are encouraged to live with an imaginary rabbit with a real pet's needs for a month before acquiring a pet

About the author

Having featured on BBC's Vets in Practice for seven years, TV vet and author Emma Milne is heavily involved in animal welfare campaigning. In between campaigning and writing books, Emma spends her days looking after her two lovely daughters.

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