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Nutrition and Behavior:

Nutrition and Behavior:

J Worobey, B Tepper, R Kanarek

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Nutrition and Behavior:

Despite their widespread coverage in the media, there is little emphasis on nutrition in books in psychology, and most textbooks in nutrition barely acknowledge the behavioral correlates of nutrient status. This book will provide interested readers in the fields of nutrition and psychology with information on how these two areas of current research interface. Traditional topics (e.g., micronutrients, sugar, eating disorders) are addressed, as well as the newest topics (e.g., herbs, PUFAs, obesity). Critically reviewed are research methods and results that demonstrate the utility of considering both perspectives when designing studies to explore human behavior.


Advanced students of nutrition, dietetics and psychology.

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Author J Worobey, B Tepper, R Kanarek
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 288 Pages
ISBN 9780851996745
Publication date Apr-06
Book Type Softcover


Introduction, J Worobey, Rutgers University, USA

Concepts and models in nutrition and behavior, J Worobey

Research methods and analytic strategies, J Worobey

Direct effects of nutrition on behavior: Brain-behavior connection, J Worobey

Short-term effects of nutrition on behavior: Neurotransmitters, J Worobey and R B Kanarek, TuftsUniversity, USA

Effects of chronic and acute forms of undernutrition, J Worobey

B vitamins, the central nervous system, and behavior, B J Tepper, Rutgers University, USA andR B Kanarek

Minerals, the central nervous system, and behavior, B J Tepper

Dietary supplements, mental performance and behavior, B J Tepper

Bio-behavioral and psychosocial influences on nutrition, B J Tepper

Dietary sugar and behavior, K E D'Anci, Tufts University, USA and R B Kanarek

Caffeine, the methylxanthines, and alcohol, K E D'Anci and R B Kanarek

Alcohol, brain functioning and behavior, R B Kanarek

Eating disorder syndromes: Anorexia and bulimia nervosa, J Worobey

Behavioral aspects of overweight and obesity, J Worobey

Appendix: A primer on basic statistics in nutrition and behavior research, J Worobey

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