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Mastitis Control from Science to Practice

  • Mastitis Control from Science to Practice

Mastitis Control from Science to Practice

Edited By: T.J.G.M. Lam

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Author: Edited By: T.J.G.M. Lam

About The Book

Selenium (Se) is an essential dietary trace element participating in the regulation of various physiological functions in both animals and humans through its incorporation into selenoproteins as the amino acid selenocysteine. Among many minerals Se has a special place being the most controversial trace element with a narrow gap between essentiality and toxicity. Indeed there are important environmental issues considering selenium as a pollutant from the one hand and global selenium deficiency on the other. In fact, Se deficiency is considered as a risk factor for the development of various diseases in human and animals. Decreased Se availability from soils as a result of low soil pH and usage of synthetic fertilizers is the major concern in European countries causing inadequate Se levels in food and feeds. Furthermore, it seems likely that sodium selenite used for the last 30 years as a feed supplement is not an optimal form of Se and the usage of organic selenium in animal diets could help to maintain optimal Se status as well as high immunocompetence, productive and reproductive performance.

The aim of the present volume is to provide updated information on several important Se-related subjects, including Se status in Europe and ways of its improvement, advances in Se analysis and speciation in biological material, roles of selenium in poultry, pig and ruminant nutrition. Production of functional Se-enriched food, the relationship between selenium and mycotoxins, polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as reoviruses are also addressed.

This collection of articles will provide nutritionists, veterinarians, human doctors, researchers and any other readers with new insights into the exciting world of the goddess of the moon - SELENIUM.

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Author Edited By: T.J.G.M. Lam
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Dimensions Unknown
Extent 456 Pages
ISBN 9789086860852
Publication date 2008
Book Type Hardcover


  • Preface
  • International Conference on Mastitis Control 2008: From science to practice
  • Improving udder health on well managed farms: mitigating the ?perfect storm? - Y.H. Schukken, H.W. Barkema, T.J.G.M. Lam and R.N. Zadoks
    Infectious pressure
  • Prevalence of subclinical mastitis pathogens and adoption of udder health management practices on Dutch dairy farms: preliminary results - O.C. Sampimon, R.G.M. Olde Riekerink and T.J.G.M. Lam
  • Prevalence of mastitis pathogens in milk samples from Portuguese dairy cattle - L. Pinho, J. Ferreira, C. Cabral, R. Lameira, P. Meireles, F. Vaz, J. Carvalheira and G. Thompson
  • A comparison of the occurrence of mastitis in Dutch primi- and multiparous cows - B.H.P. van den Borne, G. van Schaik, T.J.G.M. Lam and M. Nielen
  • Prevalence of pathogens in milk samples of dairy cows with clinical mastitis and in heifers at first parturition - B.-A. Tenhagen, I. Hansen, A. Reinecke and W. Heuwieser
  • Prevalence at herd-level of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureusin milk samples of dairy herds - J. Vicca, W. Vanderhaeghen, T. Cerpentier and P. Butaye
  • Comparing bacterial counts on bare hands with gloved hands during milking - R.G.M. Olde Riekerink, O.C. Sampimon, V.J. Eerland, M.J. Swarts and T.J.G.M. Lam
  • Changes of mastitis pathogen spectrum in dairy herds of Latvia - A. Jemeljanovs, I.H. Konosonoka, J. Bluzmanis and D. Ikauniece
  • Molecular testing, epidemiological aspects, prevalence and distribution of mastitis pathogens in dairy bovine, caprine and ovine herds - P. Cremonesi, B. Castiglioni, P. Moroni and G. Pisoni
  • Prevalence of bovine mastitis and causal agents in the state of Jalisco, Mexico - H. Casta¤eda, W. Wolter, S.P. J„ger, M. Szch”ck, M.A. Casta¤eda, G. Perez and C. Bedolla
  • Etiology of subclinic mastitis in Patzcuaro Michoacan - L.C. Bedolla, R. Mejia, I. Renteria, E. Bedolla, E. Garcia, H. Casta¤eda, M.A. Casta¤eda, J.C. Serratos and W. Wolter
  • If ten points are no longer sufficient: an observational study on factors related to udder health and milk quality in Flanders, Belgium - B. Verbist, B. Sonck, V. Piessens, G. Braem, L. Herman and S. de Vliegher
  • Protocol for evaluation of teat dips efficacy on mastitis prevention - H. Charier and R. Alasri
  • Good hygiene practice on dairy farms - J. Verhaeghe and R. Alasri
  • Coagulase-negative staphylococci: a matter of lesser concern? - K. Supr‚, S. de Vliegher, R.N. Zadoks and F. Haesebrouck
  • Molecular typing of microflora on teat apices using culture-dependent and cultureindependent methodologies - G. Braem, S. de vliegher, B. Verbist, V. Piessens, F. Leroy and L. de vuyst
  • Heifer and quarter characteristics associated with periparturient blood and milk neutrophilic viability - S. Piepers, G. Opsomer, K. Demeyere, A. de Kruif, E. Meyer and S. de Vliegher
  • Parameters for natural resistance in bovine milk - T.C.W. Ploegaert, E.J. Tijhaar, H.K. Parmentier, J.J. van der Poel, J.A.M. van Arendonk and H.F.J. Savelkoul
  • Genetic characterisation of inflammatory and immune responses to a bovine Staphylococcus aureussmall colony variant and its isogeneic wild type strain - H.N. Atalla and B.A. Mallard
  • Immunisation of dairy heifers with a Staphylococcus aureusbacterin reduces infection level and somatic cell counts at time of calving - S.C. Nickerson, E.P. Hovingh and P.W. Widel
  • Meta-analysis of the effect of oral selenium supplementation on milk selenium concentration in cattle - A. Ceballos, J. S nchez, H.W. Barkema, H. Stryhn, J.B. Montgomery and J.J. Wichtel
  • Oxidative damage, vitamin E and mammary gland health in heifers - R.J. Bouwstra, R.M.A. Goselink, P. Dobbelaar, M. Nielen and T. van Werven
  • The usefulness of a new udder health index to decrease mastitis incidence - Y. de Haas, G. de Jong, W. Ouweltjes, J. ten Napel and J.J. Windig
  • Efficient breeding against mastitis by creative use of somatic cell counts - J.J. Windig, G. de Jong, W. Ouweltjes, J. ten Napel and Y. de Haas
  • A dual purpose breed guarantees not a higher resistance against mastitis - K. Barth and K. Aulrich
  • Effect of selenium supplementation on somatic cell count around calving and in lactating dairy cows - A. Ceballos, J. Neumann, A. Mella, J. Kruze, H.W. Barkema, J. Wichtel and F. Wittwer
  • RRR-a-tocopheryl acetate provides protection against mastitis in transition cows - M.R. Peisker and Y. Dersjant-Li
  • Lymphocyte apoptosis during experimentally induced mastitis - P. Slama, Z. Sladek, D. Rysanek, T. Langrova and M. Zouharova
  • The resident leukocytes from bovine mammary gland: proportion of functional and dead cells - Z. Sladek and D. Rysanek
  • The bacterial cellular wall components are able to affect the apoptosis and the expression of surface receptors on heifer mammary gland neutrophils - T. Langrova, Z. Sladek, D. Rysanek and P. Slama
  • Effect of intramammary injection of liposomal RbGM-CSF on milk and peripheral blood mononuclear cells of subpopulation in Holstein cows with naturally infected subclinical mastitis - Y. Kiku, T. Ozawa, S. Inumaru, S. Kushibiki, T. Hayashi and H. Takahashi
  • Effect of intramammary injection of RbGM-CSF on neutrophils function of blood and milk in Holstein cows with subclinical mastitis - T. Ozawa, Y. Kiku, S. Inumaru, S. Hasegawa, S. Kushibiki, T. Hayashi and H. Takahashi
  • Phenotypic and genotypic variation of bovine immune responses in cohort dairy herds across Canada - K.A. Thompson and B.A. Mallard
  • Cis-urocanic acid protects against mammary tissue injury during intramammary Escherichia coli infection - D.D. Bannerman, M. Rinaldi, B.T. Vinyard, J. Laihia and L. Leino
    Detection, diagnosis and treatment
  • Epidemiologic association of Staphylococcus aureusvirulence markers with intramammary infection chronicity - B.V. LeThanh, C.J. Lebeau, S. Messier, F. Malouin and D. Scholl
  • Identification of bacteria associated with mastitis and poor hygiene in bovine farm tank milk - J.L.W. Rademaker
  • Analytical detection limit of the PathoProofTMMastitis PCR Assay determined using two different experimental approaches - M.T. Koskinen, J. Holopainen, L. Salmikivi, H. Lehmusto, S. Niskala and J. Kurkela
  • Phenotypic and molecular identification of Streptococcus species isolated from milk of intramammary infected dairy cows in Austria - M. Gonano and P. Winter
  • Detection of mastitis pathogens by analysis of volatile metabolites - K.A. Hettinga, H.J.F. van Valenberg, T.J.G.M. Lam and A.C.M. van Hooijdonk
  • Extended biofilm susceptibility assay for Staphylococcus aureus bovine mastitis isolates: evidence for association between Agr-type and biofilm susceptibility - M.B. Melchior, M.H.J. van Osch, T.J.G.M. Lam, W. Gaastra and J. Fink-Gremmels
  • Improving mastitis control programs through identification of risk factors related to the incidence of subclinical intramammary infections - S. Dufour, I. Dohoo, T. Devries and D. Scholl
  • Somatic cell count patterns in a large sample of UK dairy herds - A. Madouasse, J.H. Huxley, W.J. Browne, A.J. Bradley and M.J. Green
  • Defining new traits from underlying distributions of somatic cell counts - J. ten Napel, Y. de Haas, G. de Jong, T.J.G.M. Lam, W. Ouweltjes and J.J. Windig
  • A new method for mastitis diagnosis based on hysteresis threshold of somatic cell count - M.A. P‚rez, R. Ortega, R. Mu¤iz and M.B. Coya
  • Multi-dimensional diagnosis of intramammary infections: a three-herd evaluation - A.L. Rivas, K.L. Anderson, G. Leitner, M. Chaffer, O. Krifuks and R.R. Rodr¡guez
  • Operational use of bacteriology for mastitis control: field test of good practices - F. S‚rieys, O. Bidaud and L. Jouet-Elie
  • Performance evaluation of systems for automated monitoring of udder health: would the real gold standard please stand up? - G.A. Mein and M.D. Rasmussen
  • Decision tree induction for detection of clinical mastitis using data from six Dutch dairy herds milking with an automatic milking system - C. Kamphuis, H. Mollenhorst, A. Feelders and H. Hogeveen
  • Performance evaluation of systems for automated monitoring of udder health: analytical issues and guidelines - R. Sherlock, H. Hogeveen, G. Mein and M. Rasmussen
  • An investigation of factors affecting cure when treating clinical mastitis in dairy cattle with cephalosporin containing intramammary preparations - A.J. Bradley and M.J. Green
  • Alternative reference method for somatic cell count based on automated video microscopy - M.A. P‚rez, M.B. Coya, R. Mu¤iz, C.E. Carleos, J.A. Baro and R. Ortega
  • Detection of clinical mastitis with help of a thermal camera - M. Hovinen, J. Siivonen, S. Taponen, L. H„nninen, M. Pastell, A.-M. Aisla and S. Py”r„l„
  • Mastitis detection: visual observation compared to inline, quarter and milking somatic cell count - H. Mollenhorst, P.P.J. van de Tol and H. Hogeveen
  • Inline somatic cell counting improves clinical mastitis detection in an automatic milking system - C. Kamphuis, R. Sherlock, J. Jago, G. Mein and H. Hogeveen
  • A novel in-line system to manage mastitis, ketosis, reproduction and feeding in dairy herds - J.Y. Blom and L.A.H. Nielsen
  • Acute phase proteins in milk; biomarkers for subclinical mastitis and milk quality? - M. Akerstedt, K. Persson Waller and A. Sternesjo
  • Use of DeLaval cell counter in ovine milk - C. Gonzalo and B. Linage
  • Ability of bulk milk culture for estimating Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiaeprevalence in dairy herds - R.G.M. Olde Riekerink, O.C. Sampimon, L.Holst Pedersen, J. Katholm and T.J.G.M. Lam
  • Identification of mastitis-associated pseudomonads in bovine farm tank milk - J.L.W. Rademaker, Y. Xiao, J.D. Hoolwerf and M.H.J. Wells-Bennik
  • Diversity of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from bovine milk with a high somatic cell count - J.L.W. Rademaker, Y. Xiao, J.D. Hoolwerf, P.H.M. Savelkoul and M.H.J. Wells-Bennik
  • PCR-based methods for identification of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus spp. causing mastitis - K. Aulrich and K. Barth
  • Rapid and effective method for separation for Staphylococcus aureusfrom somatic cells in mastitis milk - T. Hayashi, M. Kubota, K. Iwasaki, K. Sakaguchi, R. Abe, H. Ohtsuka, Y. Kiku, T. Ozawa and H. Takahashi
  • DNA based bacteriological diagnosis of milk samples with no growth in conventional culturing - S. Py”r„l„, L. Salmikivi, S. Taponen, H. Simojoki and M.T. Koskinen
  • Analytical specificity of the PathoProofTMmastitis PCR assay validated using culture isolates - J. Holopainen, L. Salmikivi, H. Lehmusto, S. Niskala and M.T. Koskinen
  • Dairy GuardTM: sensor array diagnosis of mastitis infection - R. Card, N. Smit, H. Klapproth and P. Wakeley
  • Genotyping and biofilm formation of Staphylococcus aureusisolates: evidence for lack of penicillin-resistance in Agr-type II strains - M.B. Melchior, E. van Duijkeren, D.J. Mevius, M. Nielen and J. Fink-Gremmels
  • Molecular typing of coagulase-negative staphylococci and coliforms isolated on Flemish dairy farms - V. Piessens, S. de Vliegher, B. Verbist, G. Braem, M. Heyndrickx, L. Herman and E. van Coillie
  • Phenotypic characterisation of Prototheca spp. isolated from bovine mastitis - S. Marques, E. Silva, C. Kraft, J. Carvalheira, V. Huss and G. Thompson
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility of Escherichia coliisolated from acute bovine mastitis - L. Suojala, H. Simojoki, A.-L. Myllyniemi, A. Pitk„l„ and S. Py”r„l„
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of streptococci isolated from bovine mastitis - C. Locatelli, L. Scaccabarozzi, A. Casula and P. Moroni
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility of staphylococci isolated from bovine mastitis in thirteen Estonian dairy farms 1998-1999 - L. Haltia, A. Pitk„l„, V. Myllys and T. Honkanen-Buzalski
  • Lincosamide resistance in Gram-positive pathogens isolated from quarters with persistent subclincal mastitis - M.D. Apparao and P.L. Ruegg
  • Advantage of cefalexin and kanamycin in combination to control bovine mastitis - E. Maneke, A. Pridmore and I. Lang
  • Field study on acute mastitis with intoxication and different treatment regimes: provisional results - L. Podstatzky and P. Winter
  • An investigation of three approaches to dry cow therapy to prevent intramammary infection in the dry period and clinical mastitis in early lactation - A.J. Bradley, J.E. Breen and M.J. Green
  • Effect of dry therapy using an intramammary infusion containing penethamate, penicillin, and framycetin on intramammary infections and somatic cell counts in dairy sheep - C. Gonzalo, B. Linage, M.T. Ju rez, E. Beneitez, A. Mart¡nez and J.A. Asensio
  • Comparative synergistic activity of a cefalexin and kanamycin combination in Mueller Hinton Broth medium and in milk - J.P. Ganiere
  • Determination of withdrawal time in milk of cows treated with dry treatament syringes - C. Acuna, M. Falletti, M. Landeira, G. Casasnovas and A. Daffner
    Milking and milking machine
  • Understanding the influence of machine milking on teat defense mechanisms - D.J. Reinemann, R. Bade, M. Zucali, C. Spanu and P.L. Ruegg
  • Milking machine tuning to improve udder health and to reduce teat end hyperkeratosis in dairy cows - R. Ortega, M.A. P‚rez, R. Mu¤iz and R. Fern ndez
  • Automatic cluster remover?s: a method to check them - F. Neijenhuis, P.H. Hogewerf, H.W. Houwers and H.J. Schuiling
  • Impact of an automatic teat dipping and cluster flushing system on iodine residuals, milking characteristics and teat coverage - P.H. Hogewerf, A.H. Ipema, C.J.A.M. de Koning, H.J. Schuiling, B.A. Slaghuis, V. Tancin, I. Ohnstad and H.W. Barkema
  • Impact of automatic teat dipping and cluster flushing on the milking work routine - I. Ohnstad, H.W. Barkema, P. Hogewerf, C.A.J.M. de Koning and R.G.M. Olde Riekerink
  • Evaluating the teat condition performance of a new peroxide teat spray, DeLaval Prima in an automatic milking environment - X. Goossens, S. de Vliegher, L. Bommel‚, W. Ingalls and T. Hemling
  • Effect of automated teat dipping on bulk milk somatic cell count and incidence of subclinical mastitis - R.G.M. Olde Riekerink, H.W. Barkema, I. Ohnstad and B. van Santen
  • Milking machine investigations as part of veterinary milk quality and mastitis control programmes - K. Taylor and M.A. Bryan
  • What happens with the mastitis incidence if farmers get advice out of a milking time test? - F. Neijenhuis, H. Wemmenhove and H.J. Schuiling
  • Research protocol on risk factors for udder health on automatic milking farms - F. Neijenhuis, J.W.G. Heinen and H. Hogeveen
  • Using cow-specific risks to support the detection of clinical mastitis on farms with an automatic milking system - W. Steeneveld, L.C. van der Gaag, H.W. Barkema and H. Hogeveen
    Management, planning and control
  • A Bayesian analysis of a mastitis control plan to investigate the influence of veterinary beliefs on clinical decisions - M.J. Green, W.J. Browne, L.E. Green, A.J. Bradley, K.A. Leach, J.E. Breen and G.F. Medley
  • Evaluation and optimisation of practical tools to improve udder health in the Netherlands - J. Jansen, R.J. Renes, A. Ritskes, H. Dirckinck and T.J.G.M. Lam
  • Effective communication with ?hard-to-reach? farmers - C.D.M. Steuten, J. Jansen, R.J. Renes, M.N.C. Aarts and T.J.G.M. Lam
  • Countdown Downunder Max and Mastitis Focus: a new pathway in planned mastitis risk management from Australia?s national mastitis and cell count program - J.F. Penry, R.S. Dyson, P. Brightling and M.S. Paine
  • Demonstrating to dairy farmers the impact of mastitis on reproduction - K. Taylor and M.A. Bryan
  • Bio-economic modelling of intramammary infection in Dutch dairy cattle - T. Halasa, M. Nielen, R.B.M. Huirne and H. Hogeveen
  • Economic impact of clinical mastitis in a dairy herd assessed by stochastic simulation C. Hagnestam-Nielsen and S. stergaard
  • Relative importance of different cost factors regarding mastitis management by Dutch dairy farmers using adaptive conjoint analysis - K. Huijps, H. Hogeveen, T.J.G.M. Lam and R.B.M. Huirne
  • A national resource platform for mastitis management, planning and control research in Canada - K. Reyher and D. Scholl
  • Relationship between somatic cell count and bacteria plate counts - P.T. Kelly, K. O? Sullivan, W.J. Meaney, D.P. Berry, S.J. More and B. O? Brien
  • Farm management factors associated with bulk milk total bacterial count on Irish dairy farms - P.T. Kelly, K. O? Sullivan, W.J. Meaney, E. O? Callaghan, D.P. Berry, S.J. More and B. O? Brien
  • Milk yield in the subsequent lactation after selective treatment of cows at dry-off - A.H. Torres, P.J. Rajala-Schultz and F.J. Degraves
  • Economic loss due to milk yield loss caused by new subclinical mastitis cases estimated using a test-day model - T. Halasa, M. Nielen and H. Hogeveen
  • Analysing clinical and subclinical mastitis data: understanding mastitis epidemiology on individual units - A.J. Bradley and M.J. Green
  • Mastitis control program for severe coliform outbreak - E. Izak and J. Bonazza
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