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Life at Extremes

Life at Extremes

Edited by E Bell

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Life at Extremes

From icy poles to arid deserts, boiling pools to the depths of the sea, this exciting new work studies the remarkable life forms that have made these inhospitable environments their home. The ecological, biological and biogeochemical challenges that higher-level plants and animals, microorganisms and viruses face are detailed, and the unifying themes found between environments discussed. A fascinating and comprehensive resource for researchers and students, this book is packed with colour figures and photos showcasing the most extreme environments and the organisms that have adapted to live in them.


Researchers and students of life sciences and ecology.

Additional Information

Author Edited by E Bell
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 576 Pages
ISBN 9781845938147
Publication date Mar-12
Book Type Hardcover


1 What are extreme environments and what lives in them?

2 Past extremes

3 Polar marine ecosystems

4 Sea ice

5 Polar terrestrial environments

6 High altitude and latitude lakes

7 Subglacial lakes

8 Cold alpine regions

9 Glacier surface habitats

10 Polar deserts

11 Hot desert environments

12 Terrestrial hydrothermal environments

13 Deep-sea hydrothermal vents

14 High hydrostatic pressure environments

15 Deep sea

16 Caves and karst environments

17 The deep biosphere: deep subterranean and subseafloor habitats

18 Acidic environments

19 Alkaline environments

20 Hypersaline environments

21 Hypoxic environments

22 High ultraviolet radiation environments

23 Life in a changing climate

24 Anthropogenic extreme environments

25 Biotechnological applications of extremophiles: promise and prospects

26 Extreme environments on Earth as analogues for life on other planets: astrobiology

27 Concluding remarks

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