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Horse Genetics - Hardback

Horse Genetics - Hardback

E Bailey, S A Brooks

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Horse Genetics

This essential textbook describes the basic genetics of the horse including coat colour, parentage, medical and population genetics, cytogenetics, performance, breeding systems and genetic conservation, and new advances such as micro-satellite testing. The authors have updated Dr. Ann T. Bowling's seminal work in light of the sequencing of the complete horse genome, and in addition to the basic genetic principles and their specific applications to the horse, new and revised topics include the development of genomics, gene expression, the relationship of the genome to physiological function, blood groups, transfusion medicine and haemolytic disease of newborn foals. It also includes a greater description of the diversity of breeds of horse in the world, and equid evolution. It is an essential book for students of equine studies, animal breeding and veterinary science, as well horse breeders and owners.


Veterinary surgeons and students, horse owners and breeders.

Additional Information

Author E Bailey, S A Brooks
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 216 Pages
ISBN 9781780643298
Publication date Jul-13
Book Type Hardcover


1. Evolution and Domestication of Horses
2. Basic Genetics
3. Horse Genomics
4. Black, Bay and Chestnut (Extension and Agouti)
5. Color Diluting Genes
6. Tobiano, Sabino, White and Roan (KIT)
7. Gray
8. Overo, Frame Overo and Splashed White
9. Leopard (Appaloosa) Spotting
10. Putting It All Together: Color by Design
11. Parentage Testing
12. Medical Genetics
13. Horse Karyotype and Chromosomal Abnormalities
14. Genetics of Performance
15. Pedigrees and Breeding Schemes
16. Mitochondria, Y chromosomes, Epigenetics and Incomplete Penetrance
17. Genetic Nature of Breeds
18. Equus
19. Frequently Asked Questions
20. Where do we go from here?

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