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Health-promoting Properties of Fruit and Vegetables - Paperback

Health-promoting Properties of Fruit and Vegetables - Paperback

Edited by L Terry

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Health-promoting Properties of Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are one of the richest sources of ascorbic acid, other antioxidants and produce-specific bioactive compounds. A general consensus from health experts has confirmed that an increased dietary intake of specific bioactive compounds found in some fresh produce types may protect against oxidative damage and reduce the incidence of certain cancers and chronic diseases. This book collectively discusses and reviews empirical data on health-promoting properties of major fresh produce types. It provides detailed information on identity, nature, bioavailablity, chemopreventative effects and postharvest stability of specific chemical classes with known bioactive properties. In addition, chapters discuss the various methodologies for extraction, isolation, characterisation and quantification of bioactive compounds and the in vitro and in vivo anticancer assays. This book is an essential resource for researchers and students in food science, nutrition and fruit and vegetable production.

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Author Edited by L Terry
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Extent 432 Pages
ISBN 9781780644226
Publication date Nov-13
Book Type Softcover


1. Introduction2. Alliums 3. Avocado4. Blueberry and Cranberry5. Brassicas 6. Citrus 7. Cucurbits 8. Exotics 9. Grape 10. Leafy Vegetables and Salads 11. Pome Fruit 12. Potato and Other Root Crops 13. Prunus 14. Ribes and Rubus 15. Strawberry 16. Tomato and Other Solanaceous Fruits 17. Tropical Fruit 18. Methodologies for Extraction, Isolation, Characterization and Quantification of Bioactive Compounds 19. Methodologies for Evaluating In Vitro and In Vivo Activities of Bioactive Compounds

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