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Food Safety

Food Safety

Edited by J D'Mello

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Food Safety

Food safety is a concern for scientists, policy-makers and consumers especially as food poisoning outbreaks are becoming more common and as particular concerns arise over genetically modified foods. This book covers recent developments in the chemistry, biochemistry and physiological effects of toxicants that might have an impact on human health and welfare.


Students and researchers in food science, dietetics, medical and veterinary science and agriculture.

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Author Edited by J D'Mello
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 480 Pages
ISBN 9780851996073
Publication date Apr-03
Book Type Hardcover



Chapter 1 Plant Toxins and Human Health, P S Spencer and F Berman, Oregon Health and Science University, USA

Chapter 2 Bacterial Pathogens and Toxins in Foodborne Disease, E A Johnson, University of Wisconsin, USA

Chapter 3 Shellfish Toxins, A Gago Martinez, University of Vigo, Spain and J F Lawrence, Health Canada, Ontario, Canada

Chapter 4 Mycotoxins in Cereal Grains, Nuts and Other Plant Products, J P F D'Mello


Chapter 5 Pesticides: Toxicology and Residues in Food and Wine, P Cabras, Universita di Cagliari, Italy

Chapter 6 Polychlorinated Biphenyls, D L Arnold and M Feeley, Health Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Chapter 7 Dioxins in Milk, Meat, Eggs and Fish, H Fiedler, UNEP, Geneva, Switzerland

Chapter 8 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Vegetable Oils, Seafood and Meat, M D Guillen and P Sopelana, Universiad del Pais Vasco, Vitoria, Spain

Chapter 9 Heavy Metals, L Jorhem, National Food Administration,Uppsala, Sweden

Chapter 10 Dietary Nitrates, Nitrites and N-nitroso Compounds and Cancer Risk with Special Emphasis on the Epidemiological Evidence, M Eichholzer and F Gutzwiller, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Chapter 11 Adverse Reactions to Food Additives, R A Simon, Division of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Scripps Clinic, California, USA and H Ishiwata, National Institute of Health Sciences, Tokyo, Japan

Chapter 12 Migration of Compounds from Food Contact Materials and Articles, J H Petersen, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Soborg, Denmark

Chapter 13 Veterinary Products: Residues and Resistant Pathogens, J C Paige and L Tollefson, Division of Epidemiology, MD, USA


Chapter 14 Prion Diseases: Meat Safety and Human Health Implications, N Hunter, Institute for Animal Health, Edinburgh, UK

Chapter 15 The Safety Evaluation of Genetically Modified Foods, M J Gasson, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK

Chapter 16 Genetically Modified Foods: Potential Human Health Effects, A Pusztai, S Bardocz, Aberdeen and S W B Ewen, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Chapter 17 Radionuclides in Food: The Post-Chernobyl Evidence, J T Smith and N A Beresford, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Dorchester, UK

Chapter 18 Radionuclides in Foods: American Perspectives, E J Baratta, Winchester Engineering and Analytical Centre, MA, USA


Chapter 19 Widespread and Continuing Concerns over Food Safety, J P F D'Mello

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