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Five Centuries of Farming A Short History of Dutch Agriculture 1500 - 2000

  • Five Centuries of Farming A Short History of Dutch Agriculture 1500 - 2000

Five Centuries of Farming A Short History of Dutch Agriculture 1500 - 2000

Jan Bieleman

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Author: Jan Bieleman

About The Book

Where the lower reaches of the rivers Rijn, Maas and Schelde have passed through the Northwest-European plain to finally flow out into the North Sea, a unique country of towns had come about during the Late Middle Ages. Since then, due to its natural and central location, this country, the Netherlands, has turned into a true crossroads of European trade connections between east and west, north and south. A highly urbanised country emerged and as the urban economies prospered they have had a great impact on the surrounding countryside.

This in turn has affected the rural communities and has stimulated all kinds of agrarian activities. Highly productive agribusiness complexes have been the result. Today experts rank Dutch agriculture and horticulture as one of the most productive in the world. Milk production per cow and arable farming and horticulture, productivity per man-hour is amongst the highest known.

This book is meant to give an overview of the historical processes of five centuries of farming and it makes clear that the old farming society was only seemingly static. This account of Dutch agricultural history demonstrates how Dutch farmers and horticulturist have always been keen on resetting their aims when the ever changing economic environment induced them to do so.

Additional Information

Author Jan Bieleman
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 350pp
ISBN 9789086861330
Publication date March 2010
Book Type Softcover


A framework for interpretation
Agricultural history
The nature of farming
Malthus vs. Boserup
The pace of change or the ?secular trend?
Spatial diversity in farming: the Von Thnen model
Agricultural districts
The structure of the book
Part 1 ? The period 1500-1650: Expanding diversity
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Farming in the coastal provinces
Arable (and mixed) farming on the marine clay soils
Livestock farming
The ?great rebuilding?
1.3. Farming in the interior provinces Part 2 ? The period 1650-1850: Contraction and expansion ? Farming on the
eve of the Industrial Revolution
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Arable (and mixed) farming in the marine clay districts
2.3. Mixed farming in the river clay district and in the loess district of ZuidLimburg
2.4. Livestock farming
2.5. Mixed farming in the sandy soil districts

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