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Fish Ponds in Farming Systems

  • Fish Ponds in Farming Systems

Fish Ponds in Farming Systems

Edited by: A.J. van der Zijpp, J.A.J. Verreth, Le Quang Tri, M.E.F. van Mensvoort, R.H. Bosma and M.C.M. Beveridge

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Author(s): Edited by: A.J. van der Zijpp, J.A.J. Verreth, Le Quang Tri, M.E.F. van Mensvoort, R.H. Bosma and M.C.M. Beveridge

About The Book

Throughout the last century, specialisation and intensification were buzz words for farmers in the Western world. However, this approach has not resulted in sustainable development as evidenced by the fact that scientists now need to create technologies to reduce negative impacts. In this book we demonstrate that an alternative exists. Case studies from Bangladesh, Thailand, and Vietnam show that integration and diversification increase both farm productivity and farmers' incomes. By adopting a participatory approach, farmers and scientists identified a range of technologies that strengthen the positive impacts of integrated aquaculture-agriculture systems for the environment.

This book is a collection of refereed papers on a controversial subject in agricultural development. Arguing that sustainability of fish culture in ponds needs a new paradigm - feed the pond to grow fish - two chapters focus on nutrient cycling in such systems. Another chapter makes the case for breeding Nile tilapia for resource poor farmers and presents practical options to avoid the pitfalls that arise from natural tilapia mating in low-input ponds. The book contains chapters on livelihood and development aspects and ends with a general discussion completing the picture of the integrated aquaculture-agriculture systems.

Overall it composes a review which addresses one of the key issues of the new century: how to sustainably produce food without compromising environmental integrity.

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Author Edited by: A.J. van der Zijpp, J.A.J. Verreth, Le Quang Tri, M.E.F. van Mensvoort, R.H. Bosma and M.C.M. Beveridge
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Dimensions Unknown
Extent 312 Pages
ISBN 9789086860135
Publication date 2007
Book Type Hardcover


Chapter 1 Interdisciplinary research on fishponds

  • Programme for Optimisation of Nutrient Dynamics in integrated agriculture aquaculture farming systems

Chapter 2 Tilapia breeding in low-input systems

  • Selection of fish for integrated agriculture-aquaculture systems - Hans Komen and Henk Bovenhuis
  • Selecting Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) for growth in low-input environments - Harrison Charo-Karisa, Henk Bovenhuis, Mahmoud Rezk and Hans Komen
  • Mass spawning of Oreochromis niloticus for fry production: threats and opportunities for small-scale aquaculture and selective breeding - Yonas Fessehaye, Henk Bovenhuis, Mahmoud Rezk, Raul Ponzoni and Hans Komen
  • Decentralised Nile tilapia seed production - David C. Little, Benoy K. Barman, Mohammad M. Haque and M. Abdul Wahab
  • Breeding program requirements in developing countries may differ depending on circumstances - Raul W. Ponzoni, Nguyen Hong Nguyen and Hooi Ling Khaw

Chapter 3 Managing nutrients in fishponds

  • Nutrient balances in ponds - Marc C.J. Verdegem
  • Multi-species fishpond and nutrient balance - Mustafizur M. Rahman and Marc C.J. Verdegem
  • Nutrient accumulation in Tilapia pond sediment and its agricultural uses - Amararatne Yakupitiyage, S.L. Ranamukhaarachchi, Yang Yi and Rahman Mizanur
  • Using the fishpond as an improved nutrient trap for recycling nutrients on farm in North East Thailand and Mymensingh, Bangladesh - Kabir M. Shamsul, M. Abdul Wahab, Chittra Arjinkit, Danai Turongrouang, Roel H. Bosma and Marc C.J. Verdegem

Chapter 4 Managing nutrients in IAA systems

  • From nutrient balances towards soil organic matter dynamics - Jetse Stoorvogel
  • Roles of ponds in integrated agriculture-aquaculture systems - Patricia N. Muendo, Jetse J. Stoorvogel, Marc C.J. Verdegem, El-Naggar Gamal and Johan A.J. Verreth
  • Quantitative agro-ecological indicators and productive performance of Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture systems in the Mekong Delta - Le Thanh Phong, Henk M.J. Udo, Martinus E.F. van Mensvoort, Anne A. van Dam, Le Quang Tri and Akke J. van der Zijpp
  • Nutrient accumulation and water use efficiency of ponds in integrated agriculture aquaculture farming systems in the Mekong delta - Dang Kieu Nhan, Le Thanh Duong, Le Thanh Phong, Marc C.J. Verdegem, Jetse J. Stoorvogel and Johan A.J. Verreth

Chapter 5 Sustainability, livelihoods and markets

  • Planet, profit and people: assessing sustainable development 161 Akke J. van der Zijpp
  • Reducing waste production from aquaculture in China by feed formulation and system management: an overview - Shouqi Xie, Wu Lei, Xiaoming Zhu, Dong Han and Yunxia Yang
  • Livelihood impacts of ponds in Asia-opportunities and constraints - David C. Little, Manjurul Karim, Danai Turongruang, Ernesto J. Morales, Francis J. Murray, Benoy K. Barman, Mohammad M. Haque, Nitai Kundu, Ben Belton, Golam Faruque, Ekram M. Azim, Faruk Ul Islam, Lindsay Pollock, Marc C.J. Verdegem, James A. Young, Will Leschen and M. Abdul. Wahab
  • Environment, governance and global markets - Simon R. Bush and Peter J.M. Oosterveer

Chapter 6 IAA systems and sustainable development

  • Research approaches to support development - Peter Edwards
  • Participatory approaches in the Mekong delta, Vietnam - Le Quang Tri and Martinus E.F. van Mensvoort
  • Banging the bells: communicating hope for rural environments - Lorna C. Malicsi
  • Extension services and market integration of small farmers: Case studies of INVE and VN-Dutch Lady in Vietnam - Roel H. Bosma, Rudy H.R. Bijnens, Dick Harting and Tran Thanh Bˆ
  • Assessing farmers? motives for livelihood diversification in the Mekong delta: household life cycle, virtual farm size, and index of integration - Roel H. Bosma, Cao Quoc Nam, Henk M.J. Udo, Johan A.J. Verreth
  • Livestock intensification in mixed farms: benefits and trade-offs - Henk M.J. Udo, B.O. Bebe, Tashi Samdup, Sutresniwati, I. Gede S. Budisatria, Aklilu H. Asgedom and Le Thanh Phong
  • Farmers and fishponds in South East Asia: let the fish talk about the water - Ruerd Ruben

Chapter 7 Strategies to enhance the role of fishponds in farming systems

  • Strategies to enhance the role of fishponds in farming systems - Johan A.J. Verreth, Roel H. Bosma, Malcolm Beveridge, Le Quang Tri, Martinus E.F. van Mensvoort and Akke J. van de Zijpp

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