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Fish Cognition and Behavior, 2nd Edition

  • Fish Cognition and Behavior, 2nd Edition

Fish Cognition and Behavior, 2nd Edition

Culum Brown, Kevin Laland, Jens Krause

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Author(s): Culum Brown, Kevin Laland, Jens Krause

About The Book

In the second edition of this fascinating book an international team of experts have been brought together to explore all major areas of fish learning, including:

  • Foraging skills
  • Predator recognition
  • Social organisation and learning
  • Welfare and pain

Three new chapters covering fish personality, lateralisation, and fish cognition and fish welfare, have been added to this fully revised and expanded second edition.
Fish Cognition and Behavior, Second Edition contains essential information for all fish biologists and animal behaviorists and contains much new information of commercial importance for fisheries managers and aquaculture personnel. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological sciences, fisheries and aquaculture are studied and taught will find it an important addition to their shelves.

Additional Information

Author Culum Brown, Kevin Laland, Jens Krause
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 472 pages
ISBN 9781444332216
Publication date August 2011
Book Type Hardcover


1 Fish Cognition and Behaviour (Brown, Laland and Krause). 

2 Learning of Foraging Skills by Fish (Warburton and Hughes). 

3 Learned Defences and Counterdefences in Predator–Prey Interactions (Kelley and Magurran). 

4 Learning about Danger: Chemical Alarm Cues and Threat-Sensitive Assessment of Predation Risk by Fishes (Brown, Ferrari and Chivers). 

5 Learning and Mate Choice (Witte and N¨obel). 

6 Aggressive Behaviour in Fish: Integrating Information about Contest Costs (Hsu, Earley and Wolf). 

7 Personality Traits and Behaviour (Budaev and Brown). 

8 The Role of Learning in Fish Orientation (Odling-Smee, Simpson and Braithwaite). 

9 Social Recognition of Conspecifics (Griffiths and Ward). 

10 Social Organisation and Information Transfer in Schooling Fish (Ioannou, Couzin, James, Croft and Krause). 

11 Social Learning in Fishes (Brown and Laland). 

12 Cooperation and Cognition in Fishes (Alfieri and Dugatkin). 

13 Machiavellian Intelligence in Fishes (Bshary). 

14 Lateralization of Cognitive Functions in Fish (Bisazza and Brown). 

15 Brain and Cognition in Teleost Fish (Broglio, G´omez, Dur´an, Salas and Rodr´iguez). 

16 Fish Behaviour, Learning, Aquaculture and Fisheries (Fern¨o, Huse, Jakobsen, Kristiansen and Nilsson). 

17 Cognition and Welfare (Sneddon).

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