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Fetal Nutrition and Adult Disease

Fetal Nutrition and Adult Disease

Edited by S Langley-Evans

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Fetal Nutrition and Adult Disease

Over the last decade epidemiological studies have suggested that the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke mortality and hypertension is, in part, related to the environment encountered during fetal life. In particular, maternal undernutrition during pregnancy has been highlighted as a causal factor in the long-term programming of disease risk.This book, which brings together the perspectives of leading researchers from Europe, the USA and Australasia, provides the reader with a detailed account of the evidence for and against the nutritional programming of human disease, and considers the biological basis of programming. The book addresses a topic of great current interest and consists of three sections: programming the fetus; programming human disease; and the biological basis of nutritional programming.


Advanced students and researchers in human nutrition.

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Author Edited by S Langley-Evans
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Extent 416 Pages
ISBN 9780851998213
Publication date Aug-04
Book Type Hardcover



Introduction: Fetal programming of adult disease: an overview, Simon Langley-Evans

The nutritional basis of the fetal origins of adult disease, Jane Harding, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Fetal hypoxia, placental function and fetal development, Dino Giussan, University of Cambridge, UK, and David Gardner, University of Nottingham, UK


The early life origins of cardiovascular disease: cohort studies, Janet Rich-Edwards, Harvard School of Medicine, USA

Associations between fetal growth and adult disease: are they causal? Rachel Huxley, Institute for International Health, Australia

Experimental models of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, Simon Langley-Evans

Associations between fetal and infant growth and non-insulin-dependent diabetes, Simon Langley-Evans

Programming of diabetes: experimental models, Claude Remacle, Brigitte Reusens and Luise Kalbe, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

Associations between human obesity and growth restriction during intrauterine life, Ariyeh Stein, Emory University, USA

Associations between maternal nutrition in pregnancy and later adiposity in animals, Bernhard Breier, Stefan Krechowec and Mark Vickers, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Renal disease and fetal undernutrition, Lori Woods, Oregon Health and Science University, USA

Perinatal determinants of atopic disease, Kitaw Demissie, Katherine Chung and Bijal Balasubramanian, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, USA

Fetal programming of immune function, Thomas McDade and Christopher Kuzawa, Northwestern University, USA


Programming in the pre-implantation embryo, Lorraine Young, Kevin Sinclair, University of Nottingham, UK, and Bill Rees, Rowett Research Institute, UK

Endocrine responses to fetal undernutrition: the IGF-Growth Hormone axis, Mike Symonds, David Gardner, Sarah Pearce, and Terrence Stephenson, University of Nottingham, UK

Impact of intrauterine exposure to glucocorticoids upon fetal development, Amanda Drake and Jonathan Seckl, University of Edinburgh, UK

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