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Equine Color Genetics, 3rd Edition

  • Equine Color Genetics, 3rd Edition

Equine Color Genetics, 3rd Edition

D. Phillip Sponenberg

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Author: D. Phillip Sponenberg

About The Book

Equine Color Genetics, Third Edition, presents the most recent advances in color genetics for breeders of horses, donkeys, and mules. The book provides valuable information that enables breeders to tailor their breeding programs to maximize desired color outcomes and minimize undesired color. The text bridges the gap between the scientific and lay communities without ignoring the intricate and complex issues involved in horse and donkey color genetics.

This new edition presents more explicit and detailed explanations than were previously possible, including a more extensive Appaloosa section. The section on donkey colors includes the results of studies in the genetic control of color in this species, which will greatly assist donkey breeders as they tailor breeding programs to their own goals.

Additional Information

Author D. Phillip Sponenberg
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 296 pp
ISBN 9780813813646
Publication date February 2009
Book Type Hardcover


Chapter 1. Introduction.

  • Basic Considerations of Horse Color Identification.
  • Basic Principles of Genetics.
  • Pigments in Horses.
  • Pigment Cell Function.

Chapter 2. Basic Dark Horse Colors: Bay, Chestnut, Black, and Brown.

  • Bay, Chestnut, and Black: Definition and Classification.
  • Bay, Chestnut, and Black: Genetic Control.
  • Dominant Black.
  • Two Subtypes of Bay: Wild Bay and Bay.
  • Seal Brown.
  • General Factors Modifying Bay, Chestnut, and Black.
  • Sorrel: Def.
  • Mane and Tail Color on Chestnut and Sorrel: Gen.
  • Bend Or Spots.
  • Dapples.

Chapter 3. Colors Built from the Basic Colors.

  • Linebacked Dun: Definition and Classification.
  • Linebacked Dun: Genetic Control.
  • Cream-related Colors: Definition and Classification.
  • Cream-related Colors: Genetic Control.
  • Champagne: Definition and Classification.
  • Champagne: Genetic Control.
  • Pearl: Definition, Classification, and Genetic Control.
  • Silver Dapple: Definition and Classification.
  • Silver Dapple: Genetic Control.
  • Mushroom: Definition, Classification, and Genetic Control.
  • Other Dilutions.
  • Compound Dilute Colors.
  • Brindle.
  • Eye Color.
  • Foal Color.
  • Summary of the Genetic Control of Horse Color.

Chapter 4. Patterns of White.

  • General Considerations.
  • Patterns with Individual White Hairs: Grey and Roan.
  • Patterns with Nonsymmetric Patches of White: White Mar?.
  • White.
  • Patterns of White with Symmetric White Patches: The Leop.
  • Leopard Complex: Definition and Classification.
  • Leopard Complex: Genetic Control.
  • Patterns of White Summary.

Chapter 5. Horse Color and Horse Breeding.

Chapter 6. Peculiarities of Hair Growth.

Chapter 7. Donkey Color.

  • Patterns of White.
  • Genetics of Donkey Color.
  • Summary of Donkey Color.
  • Hair Growth in Donkeys.

Chapter 8. Color Photographs.

Appendix 1: Color Names by Category.

Appendix 2: Loci, Alleles, and Effects.

Appendix 3: UsualGenotypes of Major Colors.

Appendix 4: Alleles Present in Representative Breeds in the USA.

Appendix 5: Expected Results of Crossing Various Colors.

Appendix 6: Unpublished Data Supporting Conclusions

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