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Electromagnetism:  Nature's Force That Shapes Our Lives

  • Electromagnetism:  Nature's Force That Shapes Our Lives
  • Electromagnetism:  Nature's Force That Shapes Our Lives

Electromagnetism: Nature's Force That Shapes Our Lives

Dr Lawrence Fagg

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Author(s): Dr Lawrence Fagg

About The Book

The author shows how, of the four forces of physical nature, it is the electromagnetic force that activates all of the nature around us as well as our bodies and brains. This force has been drawn upon throughout our entire evolution and plays an indispensable role in virtually all of modern technology.

This book conveys the wonder of how this one force can do so much by describing how deeply embedded and intimately linked we are to earthly nature. Thus offering a refreshingly rich and encompassing perspective of our world by providing us with a deeper dimension in our reflections about our role as part of a cohesive whole.

Using lucid, understandable terms, the electromagnetic workings of some of the core devices of modern technology, such as the transistor and radar are explained, along with the potential role that electromagnetism can play in our growing dependence on technology for our future evolution. Discussions on the various facets of electromagnetism are enriched by relating a number of engaging vignettes about it's discoverers as well as anecdotes drawn from the author's own experience.

Additional Information

Author Dr Lawrence Fagg
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 120pp
ISBN 9781908062543
Publication date September 2011
Book Type Softcover


  • Preface
  • Learning about Electromagnetism
  • The Evolution of Electromagnetism
  • Our Electromagnetic Earth
  • Discovering Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetism in Relativity and Quantum Theory
  • Electromagnetism's Activity in the Microcosmos
  • Tools of Modern Technology
  • Our Eyeglass to Nature's Other Three Forces
  • Timing
  • Contemplation

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