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Dynamics in Animal Nutrition

  • Dynamics in Animal Nutrition

Dynamics in Animal Nutrition

Jannes Doppenberg, Piet van der Aa

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Author(s): Jannes Doppenberg, Piet van der Aa

About The Book

Animal nutrition is a fast changing field of expertise. Newly developed scientific knowledge is quickly adapted to better understand the integral balance between different organs and the digestive system. Society demands that the feed industry responds to consumer issues such as food safety, sustainability of animal production, animal health and welfare, carbon foot printing etc. via altering feeding programs. The practising nutritionist needs to implement this vast knowledge into practical feed formulations in a cost effective way in order to produce feeds and animal products efficiently.

This book addresses current topics of interest to researchers and nutritionists in animal research, the feed and allied industry. This includes: immunomodulation, gut barrier functions in gut health, oxidative stress in weaned piglets, glutamine as an functional amino acid, energy evaluation of feedstuffs for layers, reduction of the risk of Salmonella infections, glucogenic nutrients as a predictor of milk production, reduction of methanogenesis in ruminants, glucose metabolism and insulin resistance in sows and much more. This reference book will be of vital interest to all involved in animal nutrition and the animal production industry.

Additional Information

Author Jannes Doppenberg, Piet van der Aa
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown (W x H x D)
Extent 206pp
ISBN 9789086861491
Publication date November 2010
Book Type Softcover


Understanding nutritional immunomodulation: Th1 versus Th2
Bruno M. Goddeeris
• Abstract
• Introduction
• The immune orchestra
• The induction of an immune response in secondary
lymphoid organs
• Immunological defence of the gut and the gut-associated
lymphoid tissue (GALT)
• Pathogen recognition receptors (PRR) and the pathogen-
associated molecular patterns (PAMP)
• The acute phase response and the arachidonic acid cycle
• Nutritional modulation of immune responses
• Conclusion
• References

Basis and regulation of gut barrier function and epithelial cell protection: applications to the weaned pig
J.P. Lallès

• Abstract
• Introduction
• Glucose absorption, barrier function and epithelial cellprotection
• Gut physiology in pigs around weaning: recent findings and implications for rearing practice
• Influence of early life events on gut physiology
• Conclusions and perspectives
• Acknowledgements
• References

Effects of oxidative stress and selenium supplementation on piglets and the underlying mechanisms
Chen Daiwen, Yu Bing, Yuan Shibin, Zhang Keying and He Jun

• Abstract
• Development of the animal models
• The detrimental effects of oxidative stress on weaned piglets
• Effects of selenium supplementation on oxidative stress
• The anti-oxidative mechanisms of selenium
• Conclusion
• Acknowledgement
• References

Functional amino acids in swine nutrition and production
Guoyao Wu, Fuller W. Bazer, Robert C. Burghardt, Gregory A. Johnson, Sung Woo Kim, Darrell A. Knabe, Xilong Li, M. Carey Satterfield, Stephen B. Smith and Thomas E. Spencer

• Abstract
• Introduction
• Efficiency of the utilization of dietary amino acids
• Regulatory role for amino acids in gene expression
• Applications of functional amino acids to swine nutrition and production
• Conclusion
• Acknowledgments
• References

Glucose metabolism in reproductive sows
Rosemarijn Gerritsen, Paul Bikker and Piet van der Aar
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Glucose and gestation
• Insulin resistance
• Glucose and lactation
• Glucose and reproduction
• Conclusions
• References

Sustainable pig house: first results of slurry flushing and the CYCLIZ® process
Christian Leroux, David Guillou and Bernard Raynaud

• Abstract
• The pig breeding in France along with sustainable development
• InVivo’s sustainable agriculture strategy
• CRZA pig research station
• The CYCLIZ® process
• Discussion

Energy in poultry diets: adjusted AME or net energy
Jan Dirk van der Klis, Cees Kwakernaak, Alfons Jansman and Machiel Blok

• Abstract
• Introduction
• Modified AME system in laying hen diets
• Development of an atp-based net energy system
• Net energy versus metabolisable energy system
• References

Molting in laying hens and Salmonella infection

Steven C. Ricke, Claudia S. Dunkley, Jackson L. McReynolds, Kingsley D. Dunkley and David J. Nisbet

• Abstract
• Introduction
• Molting in the U.S. commercial egg industry
• Feed withdrawal molt induction
• Molting and S. enteritidis infection in laying hens
• Control measures
• Conclusions
• Acknowledgements
• References

Principles and application of glucogenic nutrient feed evaluation for ruminants
Wilfried M. van Straalen and Bart M. Tas

• Abstract
• Introduction
• First limiting nutrients
• Supply of glucogenic nutrients
• Validation of nutrient flow and VFA pattern
• Determination of requirement for glucogenic nutrients
• Practical application of the glucogenic nutrient system
• Conclusions
• References

Potential of fatty acids in mitigating ruminal methanogenesis
Veerle Fievez, Gunjan Goel, Charlotte Boeckaert and Bruno Vlaeminck

• Abstract
• Introduction
• Chemical structure of MCFA and PUFA and their sources
• General antibacterial action of MCFA and PUFA
• Methane inhibitory mechanism of MCFA and PUFA
• Quantitative effect of MCFA and PUFA or their oil sources on rumen methane production
• Interactions of fat sources with the basal diet
• Side effects of oil sources
• Oil supplements as methane mitigation strategies: perspectives
• References

Nutritional manipulation of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle
Garret R. Oetzel

• Abstract
• Introduction
• Monitoring SARA in dairy herds
• Nutritional causes of SARA
• Prevention of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy herds
• References
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