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Distilled Spirits:  Tradition and Innovation

  • Distilled Spirits:  Tradition and Innovation

Distilled Spirits: Tradition and Innovation

J.H. Bryce (Ed) & G.G. Stewart (Ed)

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Author(s): J.H. Bryce (Ed) & G.G. Stewart (Ed)

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Production of distilled spirits throughout the world is a remarkable balance between tradition and innovation. The traditions that have led to the production of high quality spirits are described. However, there has been continued change in the agriculture that provides the raw materials for spirit production, and the importance of the continuity of supply of high quality raw materials is discussed.

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Author J.H. Bryce (Ed) & G.G. Stewart (Ed)
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Dimensions Unknown
Extent 274pp
ISBN 9781897676394
Publication date February 2004
Book Type Mixedmediaproduct


  • Tradition and innovation in the Scotch whisky industry
  • Developments in aniseed products in Continental Europe
  • Herbs and spices as flavourings in the distilling industry
  • Changing perceptions in marketing spirits
  • The Scotch Whisky Association - levelling the playing field and protecting the category
  • New methods for detecting counterfeit or adulterated whiskies
  • The application of stable carbon isotope ratios to the authentication of Scotch whisky
  • Gin and vodka: problems and prospects
  • Sensory assessment of gin flavour
  • New technological opportunities in distilling raw materials
  • Optimising the fermentability of wort in a distillery - the role of limit dextrinase
  • The effect of distillery backset on hydrolytic enzymes in mashing and fermentation
  • The role of the Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA) in minimising distillery processing problems
  • The influence of brewers’ yeast on the quality of malt whisky
  • Monitoring and controlling of whisky fermentation
  • The importance of metal ions in ethanolic fermentations
  • Measurement of alcohol in pot still run-off using ultrasonic sound velocity
  • The development of spirits produced in Japan and other East Asian countries
  • Fuel ethanol: the current global situation. Lessons for the beverage industry
  • Evolution of ethanol fermentation in Brazil
  • Indian whiskies - an overview
  • Modelling the maturation of Scotch whisky in hot climates
  • Understanding flavour development in Scotch whisky
  • New-make malt spirit quality: a statistical approach
  • Stabilised powdered flavour standards for use in training and validation of tasters of distilled spirits
  • The contribution of MMFDS to the flavour of Scotch whisky
  • Lactic acid bacteria and the Scotch whisky fermentation
  • Contribution of bacterial microflora in malt whisky quality
  • Rum - the commercial and technical apsects
  • The quality challenge: cachaça for export in the 21st century
  • Dimethyl sulphide and the sensory characteristic defect of cachaça distilled in the absence of copper
  • valuation of Brazilian woods as an alternative to oak for cachaça aging: sensory evaluation
  • The renaissance of American bourbons: developments and technical challenges of the production of premium bourbon distillates by batch distillation
  • The distilled spirits industry: where to now?
  • Index

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