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Diseases of Poultry, 12th Edition

  • Diseases of Poultry, 12th Edition

Diseases of Poultry, 12th Edition

Edited by: Y. M. Saif, Aly M. Fadly, John R. Glisson, Larry R. McDougald, L. K.

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Author(s): Edited by: Y. M. Saif, Aly M. Fadly, John R. Glisson, Larry R. McDougald, L. K.

About The Book

Now in its Twelfth Edition, Diseases of Poultry continues its tradition of excellence as the definitive reference of poultry disease. Following the same user-friendly format, the book has been thoroughly updated to reflect the most current knowledge of avian pathology, including new coverage of genetic resistance to disease.

Coverage is given to both common and uncommon diseases, and chapters are organized by disease type, including viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic diseases as well as others, such as nutritional, developmental, metabolic, noninfectious diseases and toxins. Each disease section provides detailed coverage of history, etiology, pathobiology, diagnosis, and intervention strategies, as well as the economic and public health significance of each disease.

With a host of international authors, Diseases of Poultry is a must-have resource for all veterinary pathologists, practitioners, agricultural managers and industry leaders involved in poultry health and production.

Additional Information

Author Edited by: Y. M. Saif, Aly M. Fadly, John R. Glisson, Larry R. McDougald, L. K.
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Extent 1352pp
ISBN 9780813807188
Publication date Publication date:June 2008
Book Type Hardcover


Chapter 1 - Principles of Disease Prevention, Control, Therapy and Diagnosis.

  • Introduction (A.J. Bermudez).
  • Disease Prevention, Control and Diagnosis (A.J. Bermudez and B. Stewart-Brown).
  • Antibiotic Therapy (D.P. Wages).

Chapter 2- Host Factors for Disease Resistance.

  • Introduction (J.M. Sharma).
  • Avian Immune System (J.M. Sharma).
  • Principles of Genetic Resistance to Disease (H. Cheng).

Section I - Viral Diseases.

Chapter 3 - Newcastle Disease, Pneumovirus Infection and Other Paramyxoviruses.

  • Introduction (D.J. Alexander).
  • Newcastle Disease and Other Paramyxoviruses (D.J. Alexander).
  • Pneumovirus Infection (R.E. Gough and R.C. Jones).
  • Paramyxoviruses 2-9 (D.J. Alexander).

Chapter 4 - Infectious Bronchitis (D. Cavanagh and J. Gelb).

Chapter 5 - Laryngotracheitis (J.S. Guy, T. Bagust and M. Garcia).

Chapter 6 - Influenza (D.E. Swayne and D.A. Halvorson).

Chapter 7 - Infectious Bursal Disease (N. Etterdossi and Y.M. Saif).

Chapter 8- Chicken Infectious Anemia and Other Cirovirus Infections.

  • Introdution (K.A. Schat).
  • Chicken Infectious Anemia (K.A. Schat).
  • Other Circovirus Infections (L.W. Woods and K.S. Latimer).

Chapter 9 - Adenovirus Infections.

  • Introduction (S.D. Fitzgerald).
  • Group I Adenovirus Infections (S.D. Fitzgerald and B.M. Adair).
  • Hemorrhagic Enteritis and Related Infections (F.W. Pierson and S.D. Fitzgerald).
  • Quail Bronchitis (W.M. Reed and S.W. Jack).
  • Egg Drop Syndrome (B.M. Adair).

Chapter 10 - Pox (D.N. Tripathy and W.M. Reed).

Chapter 11 - Reovirus Infections.

  • Introduction (R.S. Jones).
  • Viral Arthritis (R.C. Jones and J.K. Rosenberger).
  • Other Reovirus Infections (R.C. Jones).

Chapter 12 - Viral Enteric Infections.

  • Introduction (Y.M. Saif).
  • Coronavirus Enteritis (J.S. Guy).
  • Rotavirus Infections (D.L. Reynolds).
  • Astrovirus Infections (D.L. Reynolds and S. Schultz).
  • Avian Enterovirus Infections (M.S. McNulty and J.S. Guy).
  • Torovirus (D.L. Reynolds and Y.M Saif).

Chapter 13- Viral Infections of Waterfowl.

  • Introduction (P.R. Woolcock).
  • Duck Hepatitis (P.R. Woolcock).
  • Duck Virus Enteritis (Duck Plague) (T.S. Sandhu and S. Shawky).
  • Hem. Nephritis/Enteritis of Geese (J.L. Guerin).
  • Parvovirus Infections (R.E. Gough).

Chapter 14 - Other Viral Infections.

  • Introduction (Y.M. Saif).
  • Miscellaneous Herpesvirus Infections (H. Vindevogel and J.P. Duchatel).
  • Avian Nephritis (T. Imada and H. Kawamura).
  • Arbovirus Infections (J.S. Guy and M. Malkinson).
  • Turkey Viral Hepatitis (J.S. Guy).
  • Avian Encephalomyelitis (B.W. Calnek).
  • Hepatitis E Infections (X.J. Meng and H.L Shivaprasad).

Chapter 15- Neoplastic Diseases.

  • Introduction (A.M. Fadly).
  • Marek's Disease (R.L. Witter and K.A. Schat).
  • Leucosis/Sarcoma (A.M. Fadly and Irit Davidson).
  • Reticuloendotheliosis (R.L. Witter and A.M. Fadly).
  • Tumors of Unknown Etiology (R.L. Reece and S. Hafner).

Section II - Bacterial Diseases.

Chapter 16- Salmonella Infections.

  • Introduction (R.K. Gast).
  • Pullorum Disease and Fowl Typhoid (H.L Shivaprasad).
  • Paratyphoid Infections (R.K. Gast).

Chapter 17 - Camplobacteriosis (Q. Zhang).

Chapter 18 - Colibacillosis (H.J. Barnes and L. Nolan).

Chapter 19- Pasteurollosis and Other Respiratory Bacterial Infections.

  • Introduction (J.R. Glisson).
  • Fowl Cholera (J.R. Glisson, C. Hofacre, Christensen).
  • Rimerella anatipestifer Infection (T.J. Sandhu).
  • Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale Infection (R.P. Chin, P.C.M. vanEmpel and H.M. Hafez).
  • Bordetellosis (Turkey Coryza) (M.W. Jackwood and Y.M. Saif).

Chapter 20 - Infectious Coryza (P.J. Blackall).

Chapter 21 - Mycoplasmosis.

  • Introduction (S.H. Kleven).
  • Mycoplasma galliseptieum Infection (D.H. Ley).
  • Mycoplasma meleagridis Infection (R.P. Chin, G.Y. Ghazikhanian, I. Kempf).
  • Mycoplasma synoviae Infection (S.H. Kleven and J.M. Bradbury).
  • Mycoplasma iowae Infection (J.M. Bradbury and S.H. Kleven).
  • Other Mycoplasmal Infections (S.H. Kleven).

Chapter 22 - Clostridial Diseases.

  • Introduction (H.J. Barnes).
  • Ulcerative Enteritis (Quail Disease) (D.P. Wages).
  • Necrotic Enteritis (K. Opengart).
  • Botulism (J.E. Dohms).
  • Gangrenous dermatitis (K. Opengart).

Chapter 23 - Other Bacterial Diseases.

  • Introduction (H.J. Barnes).
  • Staphylococcosis (C.B. Andreasen).
  • Streptococcosis and Enterococcus (S. Thayer and D. Waltman).
  • Erysipelas (J.M. Bricker and Y.M. Saif).
  • Avian Intestinal Spirochetosis (D.E. Swayne and D. Hampson).
  • Tuberculosis (R.M. Fulton and S. Sanchez).
  • Miscellaneous and Sporadic Bacterial Infections (H.J. Barnes and L. Nolan).

Chapter 24 - Chlamydiosis (A.A. Andersen and D. Vanrompay).

Section III - Fungal Diseases.

Chapter 25 - Fungal Infections.

  • Introduction (B.R. Charlton and R.P. Chin).
  • Aspergillosis (B.R. Charlton and R.P. Chin).
  • Sporadic Fungal Infections (B.R. Charlton and R.P.Chin).

Section IV - Parasitic Diseases.

Chapter 26 - External Parasites and Poultry Pests (J.J. Arends).

Chapter 27- Internal Parasites.

  • Introduction (L.R. McDougald).
  • Nematodes and Acanthocephalans (M.D. Ruff and R.A. Norton).
  • Cestodes and Termatodes (L.R. McDougald).

Chapter 28- Protozoal Infections.

  • Introduction (L.R. McDougald).
  • Coccidiosis (L.R. McDougald).
  • Cyptosporidiosis (L.R. McDougald).
  • Cocholosoma Infection (A.J. Bermudez).
  • Other Protozoan diseases of the Intestinal Tract (L.R. McDougald).
  • Mescellaneous and Sporadic Protozoal Infections (A.J. Bermudez).

Section V - Other Diseases.

Chapter 29 - Nutritional Diseases (K.C. Klasing and R.E. Austic).

Chapter 30 - Developmental, Metabolic and Other Noninfectious Diseases (R. Crespo and H.L. Shivaprasad).

Chapter 31 - Toxins and Poisons (R.J. Julian and T. Brown).

Chapter 32 - Mycotoxins (F.J. Hoerr).

Chapter 33- Emerging Diseases and Diseases of Complex or Unknown Etiology.

  • Introduction (Y.M. Saif).
  • Multicausal Respiratory Diseases (S.H. Kleven).
  • Multicausal Enteric Diseases (D.L. Reynolds).
  • Hypoglycemia - Spiking Mortality Syndrome of Broiler Chickens (J.F. Davis).
  • Proventriculitis/Proventricular Dilation of Broiler chickens (S. Hafner, J.S. Guy, M. Jackwood)

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