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Communicable Diseases - Hardback

Communicable Diseases - Hardback

R Webber

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Communicable Diseases

Communicable diseases are the main health problem encountered in developing countries, whether they are food-borne, respiratory or transmitted by insects, but are quickly becoming a global issue. By grouping diseases by means of transmission and covering principles of epidemiology for each disease, this textbook addresses both basic principles and advanced concepts, illustrated with focus boxes, bullet lists and figures. This fourth edition of Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control, titled simply Communicable Diseases to reflect the breadth of its coverage, is fully updated throughout and includes new chapters on integrated disease management and the increased risks of disease among pregnant women. The latest research on the control of communicable diseases is included, assisting in identifying the best method of control. An essential resource for students and lecturers in public health and medical sciences, this book will also assist doctors and health workers in their management of this fast-changing area.


Students and lecturers in public health and medical sciences, doctors and health workers.

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Author R Webber
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 344 Pages
ISBN 9781845939397
Publication date Jul-12
Book Type Hardcover



1. Elements of Communicable Diseases

2. Communicable Disease Theory

3. Control Principles and Methods

4. Control Strategy and Organization

5. Notification and Health Regulations

6. Classification of Communicable Diseases

7. Diseases of Poor Hygiene

8. Faecal-Oral Diseases

9. Food-borne Diseases

10. Diseases of Soil Contact

11. Diseases of Water Contact

12. Skin Infections

13. Respiratory Diseases and Other Airborne Transmitted Infections

14. Diseases Transmitted via Body Fluids

15. Insect-Borne Diseases

16. Ectoparasite Zoonoses

17. Domestic and Synanthropic Zoonoses

18. Pregnancy and Infection

19. New and Emerging Diseases

20. List of Communicable Diseases

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