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Bacteriophages in Health and Disease

Bacteriophages in Health and Disease

Edited by P Hyman, S Abedon

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Bacteriophages in Health and Disease

Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria. As such, they have many potential uses for promoting health and combating disease. This book covers the many facets of phage-bacterial-human interaction in three sections: the role and impact of phages on natural bacterial communities, the potential to develop phage-based therapeutics and other aspects in which phages can be used to combat disease, including bacterial detection, bacterial epidemiology, the tracing of fecal contamination of water and decontamination of foods.


Suitable for researchers of microbiology and bacteriology.

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Author Edited by P Hyman, S Abedon
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Extent 296 Pages
ISBN 9781845939847
Publication date Sep-12
Book Type Hardcover


1. Phages

Section 1: Phages, Bacterial Disease, and Normal Flora

2. Bacteriophages as Part of the Human Microbiome

3. Diseases Caused by Phages

4. Prophage-Induced Changes in Cellular Cytochemistry and Virulence

5. The Lion and the Mouse: How Bacteriophages Create, Liberate, and Decimate Bacterial Pathogens

6. Phages and Bacterial Epidemiology

Section 2: Phage-Based Biomedical Technology

7. Phages as Therapeutic Delivery Vehicles

8. Clinical Applications of Phage Display

9. Phages and Their Hosts: A Web of Interactions - Applications to Drug Design

10. Bacteriophage-Based Methods of Bacterial Detection and Identification

11. Phage Detection as Indication of Fecal Contamination

Section 3: Phage-Based Antibacterial Strategies

12. Phage Translocation, Safety, and Immunomodulation

13. Phage Therapy of Wounds and Related Purulent Infections

14. Phage Therapy of Non-Wound Infections

15. Phage-Based Enzybiotics

16. Role of Phages in Control of Bacterial Pathogens in Food

17. Phage Therapy Best Practices

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