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Whether you are an experienced pig rearer or just starting out, there is always something new to learn. We believe that continual education is key to getting the best out of you and your animals, and our pig books will provide you with all the answers you need.

We have guides and books that offer advice about everything from pig behaviour, breeding, welfare and meat production. Many of our pig books are aimed at small-holdings and others are more suitable for larger scale farms. The range of topics covered are comprehensive and you can be sure that your four legged friends will get all the benefits of your learning!

Pig books for the commercial farmer cover in depth topics such as pig diseases, yields, welfare and nutrition. Production of rare breeds and organic pig production are also becoming popular subjects, especially among smallholders, and we have a number of pig books covering these topics.

Our pig books are organised into 5 sections on the main topics covered:

  • Pig Nutrition Books - feeding and drinking techniques to gain higher yields and healthier pigs
  • Pig Production Books - reproduction and housing of pigs
  • Pig Welfare Books - the ethics of keeping pigs, and factors pertaining to the welfare of your herd
  • Pig Signals Books - a set of books that enable the pig keeper to interpret the signs shown by pigs

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