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Pigs: The Complete Guide to Healthy Pig Farming

  • Pigs: The Complete Guide to Healthy Pig Farming

Pigs: The Complete Guide to Healthy Pig Farming

Ruben Brabant, Wout Maes, Helena Brutsaert, Nele D'Hoop

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Author(s): Ruben Brabant, Wout Maes, Helena Brutsaert, Nele D'Hoop

About The Book

Pig farming is a dynamic sector which has undergone enormous changes in recent years. Globalization means that the pork that ends up on our plate can come from anywhere in the world. At the same time consumers now shop in a different way from how they used to in the past and prefer to go to a supermarket where they can choose from a huge range of products instead of going to the local butcher. The stringent demands imposed by these retailers have put pig farmers’ margins under pressure and are forcing them to make savings by using economies of scale. This trend towards ever bigger farms means that production costs and optimising efficiency have become key concepts in modern pig farming.

Additional Information

Author Ruben Brabant, Wout Maes, Helena Brutsaert, Nele D'Hoop
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 91pp
ISBN 9789081539913
Publication date April 2010
Book Type Softcover


In order to be able to optimise production results, pig farms have to aim for a high health status, so as to keep the costs of disease prevention under control. This can be done, for example, by putting SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) sows into a farm or, more easily, by introducing synchronized group management systems.

In addition to this changed market situation, pig farmers also have to comply with a string of regional guidelines and European directives, which not only impose strict rules with regard to reducing ammonia emissions and managing manure, but also regulate other areas such as the group housing of sows for better animal welfare.

For the farm manager, therefore, making the right decisions for his or her farm is a very difficult task and one which involves taking into account all the aspects of modern pig farming. The aim of this book is to explain all these aspects of pig farming in order to help the farmer run a productive farm and deliver a healthy and foodsafe product. It can also be used as a guide to making day-to-day decisions on the pig farm.

Chapter 1: General Management

1.1 Choice of location
1.2 Closed or open farm
1.3 Multi-site system
1.4 Multi-week system
1.5 Housing systems
1.6 Gilts: Breed your own or buy them in?
1.7 Animal welfare

Chapter 2: Day-to-Day Management

2.1 Building environment
2.2 Checking the animals
2.3 Sick animals
2.4 Deficiencies and poisons
2.5 Tools and equipment
2.6 Daily operations: Farrowing pens
2.7 Daily operations: Piglet batteries
2.8 Daily operations: Serving pens
2.9 Daily operations: Gestation pens
2.10 Daily operations: Gilt rearing pens
2.11 Daily operations: Growing-finishing pigs
2.12 Daily operations: Quarantine pens

Chapter 3: Hygiene

3.1 Introduction
3.2 General Hygiene
3.3 Hygiene on farm premises
3.4 Walking Lines
3.5 Carcass disposal
3.6 Waste
3.7 Cleaning - disinfection
3.8 Water Pipes
3.9 Feeding system
3.10 Vermin control

Chapter 4: Veterinary Medicine

4.1 Storage
4.2 Recording
4.3 When to use them
4.4 Vaccines
4.5 Withdrawal
4.6 Administration
4.7 The vet

Chapter 5: Personnel

5.1 Training
5.2 Personnel management

Chapter 6: Feed and Water

6.1 Feed: General
6.2 Feed quality
6.3 Delivery and storage of feed
6.4 Contamination of the feed
6.5 Water: General
6.6 Water quality

Chapter 7: Procurement

7.1 Accessories
7.2 Reception of animals and sperm

Chapter 8: Feedback

8.1 Farm Results
8.2 Feedback from abattoir results
8.3 Complaints
8.4 Blood tests
8.5 Health Costs

Chapter 9: Transport

9.1 Live animals
9.2 Carcass disposal and waste
9.3 Manure
9.4 Feed
9.5 Hygiene

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