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Amino Acids In Animal Nutrition

  • Amino Acids In Animal Nutrition

Amino Acids In Animal Nutrition

Edited by J P F D-Mello

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Author: Edited by J P F D-Mello

About The Book

This book is theamatically structured and includes chapters of an introductory and general nature with applications to a wide range of animal species, species-related sections, including pigs, poultry, ruminants and other animals and cover applications and perspectives.

Amino acid metabolism and nutrition of farm animals continues to be an active area of research. However, since the publication of the first edition, as Amino Acids in Farm Animal Nutrition (1994), there is now a need to take into account advances in the amino acid nutrition of a wider range of animals, including companion animals. In this new edition, the editor has retained chapters imparting strength to the first version, while introducing authors with new ideas and vision, as well as chapters on other animals such as cats and dogs.

Additional Information

Author Edited by J P F D-Mello
Availability In Print
Dimensions Unknown
Extent 513 pp
ISBN 9780851996547
Publication date 2003
Book Type Hardcover


Whether you're a student or a practicing veterinarian this reference book will cut down on the time spent navigating through other resources, allowing you to study, diagnose and treat more quickly.

  • Amino Acids as Multifunctional Molecules
  • Amino Acid Analysis of Feeds
  • Absorption of Amino Acids and Peptides
  • An Outline of Pathways in Amino Acid Metabolism
  • Amino Acid Metabolism in Animals: An Overview
  • Essential to Non-Essential Amino Acid Ratios
  • Adverse Effects of Amino Acids


  • Methionine-Cystine Relationships in Pig Nutrition
  • Ideal Dietary Amino Acid Profiles for Pigs
  • Digestible Amino Acids in Diet Formulation for Pigs
  • Modelling Amino Acid Metabolism and the Estimation of Amino Acid Requirements
  • Amino Acid Utilization for Reproduction in Sows


  • Ideal Amino Acid Patterns for Broiler Chicks
  • Responses of Growing Poultry to Amino Acids


  • Metabolism and De Novo Synthesis of Amino Acids by Rumen Microbes
  • Modelling Amino Acid Metabolism in Ruminants
  • Amino Acid Utilization for Wool Production
  • Amino Acid Utilization by Growing and Finishing Ruminants
  • Mammary Uptake and Metabolism of Amino Acids by Lactating Ruminants
  • Effects of Amino Acids on Milk Production
  • Predicting Dietary Amino Acid Adequacy for Ruminants


  • Canine and Feline Amino Acid Requirements for Different Physiological Functions
  • Amino Acid Requirements of Finfish and Crustaceans


  • Crystalline Amino Acids and Nitrogen Emission
  • Economic Assessment of Amino Acid Responses in Growing Poultry
  • Conclusions

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