A great range of sheep books to help you keep your flock in top condition and health. Expert advice on a variety of topics such as treatments for external parasites, British sheep breeds and sheep dog training. There is advice for small-holdings and larger scale farms so you can be sure to find advice in these books that is relevant to your enterprise. These titles contain quick, easy reference material for when you need an answer to a specific question, plus more detailed looks at a variety of topics about caring for your livestock.

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  1. A Handbook for the Sheep Clinician - Paperback

    A Handbook for the Sheep Clinician - Paperback

    A Winter, M Clarkson
    A Handbook for the Sheep Clinician...
  2. Animal Welfare in Extensive Production Systems

    Animal Welfare in Extensive Production Systems (Hardback) - Edited by Juan J. Villalba

    Edited by Juan J. Villalba
    Animal Welfare in Extensive Production Systems presents the challenges of animal welfare of animals reared in extensive agricultural systems in a practical way, backed up with thoroughly referenced research....
  3. Lambs for the Freezer

    Lambs for the Freezer

    Sue Kendrick
    Author: Sue Kendrick...
  4. Lameness in Sheep

    Lameness in Sheep

    Agnes Winter
    Lameness is one of the most important welfare issues in sheep keeping. This invaluable book has been designed to assist all those who keep sheep in controlling lameness and in maintaining a flock with sound healthy feet....
  5. Much Ado About Mutton

    Much Ado About Mutton

    Bob Kennard
    Bob Kennard explains the decline of this mutton, which once made men rich and kept them healthy. But more importantly, he explains why mutton is now poised to make a come-back. Its extraordinary health and environmental benefits are at last being recognised....
  6. Sheepkeeper's Veterinary Handbook

    The Sheepkeeper's Veterinary Handbook

    Agnes Winter and Judith Charnley
    This comprehensive book covers how to acquire a healthy flock, routine procedures to keep them healthy, common diseases, how to identify problems, how to deal with them, and when to consult the vet....

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